BIS' William Coen on Basel III and preventing the next crisis

Central Banking Journal | 20 Nov 2014

William Coen, the secretary-general of the Basel Committee, speaks about the banking industry’s response to Basel III, supervision versus regulation and preventing the next crisis.

Topics: Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Basel III, Risk


Interview: Andrew Tyrie

Central Banking Journal | 18 Feb 2011

Topics: Treasury Committee, Treasury Select Committee, Basel III, Basel II, Bank of England

Interview: Agustín Carstens

Central Banking Journal | 23 Nov 2010

Topics: Inflation targeting, Basel III, communication

Interview: Patrick Honohan

Central Banking Journal | 17 Aug 2010

Topics: Patrick Honohan

Interview: Andrew Haldane

Central Banking Journal | 17 Aug 2010

Topics: Macroprudential, Andrew Haldane, Bank of England, Systemic risk

Interview: Gill Marcus

Central Banking Journal | 17 Aug 2010

Topics: Gill Marcus, South African Reserve Bank

Interview: Donald Kohn

Central Banking | 13 Aug 2010

Topics: Federal reserve, Volcker rule, Bank of England, Interest rates, Inflation, Deflation, United States

Interview: Gill Marcus

Central Banking | 28 Jun 2010

Topics: South African Reserve Bank, South Africa

Interview: Howard Davies

Central Banking | 25 May 2010

Topics: AIG, Financial crisis, Federal reserve, ECB, Bank of England, Charles Goodhart, United Kingdom, monetary policy, IMF, Inflation targeting, SEC, Alan Greenspan, Charlie Bean, Asset-price bubbles, FSA, Northern Rock, Macroprudential

Interview with Abdellatif Jouahri

Central Banking | 09 Nov 2009

Topics: Morocco, Bank Al-Maghrib, Abdellatif Jouahri

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