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Eichengreen says central banks should worry more about deflation than 'profits and losses'

Central Banking | 23 Jan 2015 |video


Peru governor says Fed ‘normalisation’ will help reverse domestic slowdown

Central Banking | 18 Sep 2014 |video

Central Bank of Peru governor Jose Velarde says Fed has ‘probably not’ done enough to limit international spill-over, but growth in the US will partially offset a slowdown in China


Should central banks review their investment guidelines as monetary policy normalises?

Central Banking | 02 Jul 2014 |video

Central Banking editor Chris Jeffery talks to Charles Goodhart, Tim Young and Scott Dickinson about the strategies reserve managers can deploy ahead of a tightening in monetary policy


Volcker perplexed by Fed taper criticism

Central Banking | 21 Mar 2014 |video

Former Fed chairman tells Central Banking Awards audience that central banks are ‘promising more than they can do’ and taking away ‘the punchbowl in time’ is Janet Yellen’s ‘big test’

In conversation - Robert Pringle and Paul Volcker

Technology: What are the risks and challenges faced by central banks?

Central Banking | 13 Jan 2014 |video

Central Banking speaks to Ken Knowles, executive vice-president product management at OpenLink, about how central banks are changing the way they use technology to manage risk.


Stick to inflation targeting, Grimes tells central banks

Central Banking | 13 Dec 2013 |video

Central bankers should stick to what they do best – keeping inflation in check – without taking on multiple targets that damage their credibility, says recently retired RBNZ chairman Arthur Grimes


Reserve managers diversifying due to rise in risk, not a search for return, say CBP panellists

Central Banking | 14 Nov 2013 |video

Central bank reserve managers are moving into new assets due to concerns about rising risks in traditional currencies, rather than in a search for yield, say Central Banking On Air panellists

Currencies in the balance

Panellists hit out at Fed’s forward guidance in CBP debate

Central Banking | 19 Sep 2013 |video

Federal Reserve gets mixed scorecard for its extraordinary monetary policy and communication performance, according to panellists in Central Banking On Air debate


Central bank statistics departments facing multiple strains, says ECB’s Schubert

Central Banking | 26 Jun 2013 |video

Meeting new monetary, micro-prudential and macro-prudential data requirements is a major burden for central bank statistics departments, says ECB statistics head Aurel Schubert


ECB taken to task over SME finance in Central Banking debate

Central Banking | 06 Jun 2013 |video

Participants in latest Central Banking On Air debate accuse central banks of 'unreasonably neglecting' SME funding difficulties; question whether the type of assets central banks hold is important


MBS offer portfolio benefits for some central banks, say CBP panellists

Central Banking | 03 Jun 2013 |video

Mortgage-backed securities may offer reserve managers a higher yield and diversification benefits for their foreign currency holdings, according to panellists in a new Central Banking On Air debate


Bank of Israel director says central banks can 'overdo' liquidity

Central Banking | 17 Apr 2013 |video

Andrew Abir identifies difficulty in providing the right amount of liquidity; says the risk of impairing market function was one worth taking


CNB board member issues warning on common bank resolution

Central Banking | 12 Apr 2013 |video

Lubomir Lízal says common bank resolution most worrying element of European banking union; renminbi too politicised to use as reserve currency


Nominal GDP dismissed as viable policy target in Central Banking debate

Central Banking | 21 Mar 2013 |video

Former Bank of England officials argue against adopting a nominal GDP target for monetary policy; economist Gabriel Stein brands it ‘absolute madness’

cbp-webinar-1 panellists split on CCP resolution

Central Banking | 15 Nov 2012 |video

Bank of England’s Schooling Latter says central counterparties can be permitted to fail; Ruben Lee says politics will likely undermine efforts to avoid moral hazard, with central banks forced to act

Central Banking CCP roundtable

Relative riskiness of alternative reserve assets falls, say CBP panellists

Central Banking | 01 Oct 2012 |video

Negative real yields and credit concerns about some G7 currencies make alternative investments more attractive to reserve managers compared with five years ago, say CBP webinar panellists; role of gold challenged


CBP panellists raise concerns over macro-prudential innovation

Central Banking | 27 Sep 2012 |video

Central Banking Publications webinar participants debate challenge of implementing macro-prudential policies; panellists highlight risks from central banks’ limited experience with some tools


Asian central banks have ‘positive’ record with dual mandates, says former BoT deputy

Central Banking | 17 Sep 2012 |video

Bandid Nijathaworn says combined monetary and macro-prudential policy mandates have worked well in Asia; Asean+3 credit guarantee set to boost region’s corporate bond market


UK ‘catching up’ on collateral eligibility, say CBP panellists

Central Banking | 20 Jun 2012 |video

Central Banking ON AIR event sees discussion of central bank decisions to extend collateral eligibility; panellists stress diversification should be executed with care in non-crisis times


Renminbi could be adopted into SDR by 2015, says panellist

Central Banking | 23 Apr 2012 |video

Latest Central Banking On Air debate asks if reserve mangers should invest more in emerging markets; panellists believe renminbi will be adopted as part of SDR with just the timescale in question

CB roundtable

Video: Bank of Mexico’s Duclaud says new rules will hit sterilisation costs

Central Banking | 20 Apr 2012 |video

Javier Duclaud explains Mexico’s problems in 2008, why the country has increased reserves by $70 billion and how Dodd-Frank and Basel III are causing sterilisation problems for central banks


QE is ‘decisively working’ say CBP panellists

Central Banking | 20 Mar 2012 |video

Central Banking On Air event focuses on impact of quantitative easing; panellists agree emergency monetary policy steps have been effective but question whether the Fed has ‘over-committed’ itself


BoE looking 'carefully' at banknote substrate choices

Central Banking | 01 Mar 2012 |video

Chris Salmon, chief cashier at the Bank of England, says the possibility of polymer or hybrid substrate banknotes is being looked at by the central bank; no decision made yet


Video: National Bank of Angola’s David Carvalho on reserves allocations to Brics

Central Banking | 12 Dec 2011 |video

Angolan central bank looks to invest in Brazilian, Chinese and African debt as it reassesses its reserves guidelines in light of the eurozone debt crisis and persistently low US Treasury yields

2011-12-06-cb-nalm-angola-qa-ob-final-9 panel discusses changes in reserve management functions

Central Banking | 07 Dec 2011 |video poses the question: What do central banks want from reserves and reserve managers? Panellists discuss how the financial crisis has altered the role of reserve managers


ECB credibility is damaged, say CBP panellists

Central Banking | 29 Nov 2011 |video

Fourth Central Banking ON AIR webinar sees heated discussion over the future of the eurozone; ECB has suffered damaged credibility but independence is unscathed, say panellists


Video: New York Fed’s Marc Saidenberg denies US go-slow on Basel II implementation

Central Banking | 14 Nov 2011 |video

New York Fed senior vice-president Marc Saidenberg says US is introducing Basel II at a similar pace to international peers and is also committed to timely implementation of Basel III


Video: Banks can arbitrage central bank liquidity provision

Central Banking | 11 Oct 2011 |video

A conflict between new liquidity regulations under Basel III and existing central bank operations leaves a gap that banks may be able to exploit, warns financial stability expert


IMF modelling work on liquidity risk points to capital hike, says Jobst

Central Banking | 10 Oct 2011 |video

Recent analysis by the International Monetary Fund indicates that banks in the US need to raise capital to cover systemic liquidity risk threats


Video: BBA gives first, exclusive views on the ICB report

Central Banking | 23 Sep 2011 |video

In an exclusive interview, the BBA discusses whether the ICB should have looked more closely at other separation models for its final report on financial stability in the UK



How should central banks respond to the rise of virtual currencies such as bitcoin?


The New Chartis Report: Operational Risk Management Systems for Financial Services 2014

This report covers the specific technologies required for firms to improve their ORM processes.


The Basel Committee’s BCBS239 principles: A Single Source of Truth

 This white paper looks at the Basel Committee's BCBS239 principles, also known as PERDARR (Principles for Effective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting), which comes into force from 1 January 2016.