Recovery needed to cement lower credit risk at Slovenian banks

Central Banking | 06 Mar 2014

Credit and solvency risk in Slovenia down following restructuring of banking system in December

Topics: Bank of Slovenia, Slovenia, Financial crisis


IMF warns recapitalisation of Slovenian banks is a 'stop-gap solution'

Central Banking | 20 Jan 2014

Topics: Slovenia, IMF, Leverage ratios, Eurozone

Slovenian banks need €4.8 billion cash injection, government says

Central Banking | 12 Dec 2013

Topics: Bank of Slovenia, Slovenia, bailout, Stress tests

Greek paper finds Turkish economy bucks EU trends

Central Banking | 22 Nov 2013

Topics: Bank of Greece, Greece, Turkey, Eurozone, European Union (EU), Bulgaria, Croatia, Central Bank of Cyprus, Romania, Slovenia

Bank of Slovenia lifts lid on bank health checks

Central Banking | 07 Nov 2013

Topics: Slovenia, Bank of Slovenia, Stress tests, ECB

Slovene bank clean-up provides stress test dry run for ECB

Central Banking | 30 Oct 2013

Topics: Slovenia, IMF, bailout, Stress tests

Slovenian economy assailed by austerity and money markets

Central Banking | 11 Sep 2013

Topics: Bank of Slovenia, Slovenia, ECB, GDP, Financial crisis

Bank of Slovenia widens group of stress test banks

Central Banking | 19 Aug 2013

Topics: Bank of Slovenia, Slovenia, Stress tests, Marko Kranjec

EU and OECD say weak supervision shares blame for Slovenia's impending bank crisis

Central Banking | 10 Apr 2013

Topics: Bank of Slovenia, Slovenia, European Commission, OECD

Slovenia picks new central bank governor to guide economy to safety

Central Banking | 27 Mar 2013

Topics: Bank of Slovenia, Marko Kranjec, Slovenia

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