Jamaican governor hails resilience to inflation shocks

Central Banking | 27 Aug 2014

Bryan Winter says the country’s reform program has enabled inflation to remain low despite sharp depreciation in currency; reveals new design of monetary policy report

Topics: Jamaica, Bank of Jamaica, Brian Wynter, Inflation


ECB faces ‘significant’ decline in inflation expectations

Central Banking | 24 Aug 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, Inflation, Jackson Hole

Rwandan central bank sees inflation and interest rates drop in H1

Central Banking | 21 Aug 2014

Topics: Rwanda, National Bank of Rwanda, Inflation, Inflation targeting

RBA does not see inflation pick-up as threat to target

Central Banking | 19 Aug 2014

Topics: Australia, Reserve Bank of Australia, Inflation

Ghana requests IMF bailout to bridge fiscal deficit

Central Banking | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: IMF, Ghana, Inflation, Exchange rate, Emerging markets

Bank of Japan expects inflation to remain short of target for ‘some time'

Central Banking | 08 Aug 2014

Topics: Bank of Japan, Japan, quantitative easing, Inflation

ECB hiring consultant to help design ABS programme

Central Banking | 07 Aug 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, Asset-backed securities, Inflation

Bank of Israel expects 0.4% inflation for 2014

Central Banking | 06 Aug 2014

Topics: Bank of Israel, Israel, Inflation

Bundesbank economists propose indicator for price competitiveness

Central Banking | 06 Aug 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Inflation

Raghuram Rajan on the dangers of asset prices, policy spillovers and finance in India

Central Banking Journal | 06 Aug 2014

Topics: Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, Inflation, Exchange rate

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