RBA bulletin considers Indian inflation measures

Central Banking | 22 Sep 2014

Research looks at differences between WPI and CPI, noting that prices have increased at a ‘much faster pace’ in the latter

Topics: India, Australia, Reserve Bank of India, Reserve Bank of Australia, Inflation


Brazilian MPC says inflation will converge to target within two years

Central Banking | 15 Sep 2014

Topics: Central Bank of Brazil, Brazil, Inflation

Euro adoption linked to ‘modest’ increase in Estonian inflation

Central Banking | 12 Sep 2014

Topics: Estonia, Bank of Estonia, European Central Bank, Inflation

Chile and Peru cut key rates by 25bp citing 'low dynamism'

Central Banking | 12 Sep 2014

Topics: Central Bank of Chile, Chile, Central Bank of Peru, Peru, Interest rates, Inflation

Draghi sets out national reforms necessary to revive investment

Central Banking | 12 Sep 2014

Topics: Mario Draghi, European Central Bank, Inflation, euro

Mexican deputy says 3% inflation target could be difficult

Central Banking | 10 Sep 2014

Topics: Mexico, Bank of Mexico, Inflation

BoJ focused on ‘underlying trend of prices’

Central Banking | 09 Sep 2014

Topics: Japan, Bank of Japan, Inflation

Jamaican governor hails resilience to inflation shocks

Central Banking | 27 Aug 2014

Topics: Jamaica, Bank of Jamaica, Brian Wynter, Inflation

ECB faces ‘significant’ decline in inflation expectations

Central Banking | 24 Aug 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, Inflation, Jackson Hole

Rwandan central bank sees inflation and interest rates drop in H1

Central Banking | 21 Aug 2014

Topics: Rwanda, National Bank of Rwanda, Inflation, Inflation targeting

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