RMB inclusion in SDR would open way for investment by advanced economies

Central Banking | 24 Jul 2014

More advanced-economy central banks would join Swiss National Bank and invest in onshore renminbi assets if the currency was included in SDR

Topics: Swiss National Bank, Chinese renminbi (RMB), IMF, Special drawing right (SDR), Reserve Bank of Australia


IMF calls on Fed to formally explain policy normalisation strategy

Central Banking | 23 Jul 2014

Topics: Federal Reserve, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Janet Yellen, IMF, United States

IMF staff note: Structural reforms 'more desirable' than nominal wage cuts in Europe

Central Banking | 22 Jul 2014

Topics: IMF, European Central Bank, Eurozone

IMF paper finds macro-prudential polices can help prevent liquidity traps

Central Banking | 22 Jul 2014

Topics: IMF, Macro-prudential regulation, Liquidity, Debt

IMF paper attempts to pin down output gap

Central Banking | 21 Jul 2014

Topics: IMF, Output gap, United States

IMF economist analyses effect of floods and storms on Caribbean debt-to-GDP

Central Banking | 17 Jul 2014

Topics: IMF, Caribbean, Eastern

Riksbank minutes reveal dispute over IMF and BIS advice

Central Banking | 17 Jul 2014

Topics: Sweden, Riksbank, monetary policy, Bank for International Settlements, IMF

Effective oversight needed to consolidate gains from mobile payments infrastructure

Central Banking | 16 Jul 2014

Topics: Mobile banking, Payments, IMF

IMF steps up call for QE in Europe

Central Banking | 14 Jul 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, IMF, quantitative easing

Balance between Hong Kong and Singapore ‘vital’ for financial stability

Central Banking | 11 Jul 2014

Topics: IMF, Hong Kong, Singapore, Asia

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