IMF researchers say CCBs ‘show less promise’ than other macro-prudential tools

Central Banking | 20 Aug 2014

Working paper finds counter-cyclical capital buffers are less effective than measures aimed at banks’ assets and liabilities in reducing the rate of asset growth on their balance sheets

Topics: IMF, Macro-prudential regulation, Countercyclical

looking up into the clouds between buildings in the City of London

IMF hosts Middle East forum on Basel III compliance

Central Banking | 18 Aug 2014

Topics: Middle East, IMF, Basel III, Moody's

Unconventional monetary policy has heightened medium-term risks to banks, IMF paper finds

Central Banking | 15 Aug 2014

Topics: quantitative easing, IMF, United States, Eurozone

End of Bretton Woods has helped dollar reserves, says ECB paper

Central Banking | 15 Aug 2014

Topics: ECB, Dollar, Chinese renminbi (RMB), IMF, Barry Eichengreen

IMF paper finds Latam growth likely to slow even if commodity prices remain elevated

Central Banking | 15 Aug 2014

Topics: IMF, Emerging markets, China

Global imbalances still on the rise, IMF paper shows

Central Banking | 13 Aug 2014

Topics: IMF, Global imbalances

IMF paper finds ‘robust' relationship between exchange rate flexibility and external adjustment

Central Banking | 12 Aug 2014

Topics: IMF, Milton Friedman, Exchange rate

Ghana requests IMF bailout to bridge fiscal deficit

Central Banking | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: IMF, Ghana, Inflation, Exchange rate, Emerging markets

IMF paper finds ‘puzzling' result from capital controls

Central Banking | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: Capital controls, IMF

Choosing a suitable exchange rate suitable for price-takers

Central Banking Journal | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: Exchange rate, IMF, Bretton Woods, Capital controls

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