Book notes: What Have We learned? Macroeconomic Policy After the Crisis, by George Akerlof, Olivier Blanchard, David Romer and Joseph Stiglitz

Central Banking Journal | 19 Nov 2014

This book brings together the great and the good of the economics profession, policy-makers and academics, to assess what the dust jacket describes as the “brave new economic world"

Topics: Financial crisis, Economics, IMF, Olivier Blanchard


Book notes: Governance of International Banking: The Financial Trilemma

Central Banking Journal | 17 Feb 2014

Topics: Financial crisis, Basel III

Book notes: Guardians of Finance

Central Banking Journal | 13 Dec 2012

Topics: United States, collateral, Financial crisis, Glass-Steagall Act, Japan

Review of After The Crash: The Future of Finance

Central Banking Journal | 18 Feb 2011

Topics: Federal reserve, Geithner, Merrill Lynch

Review of Globalisation Fractures: How Major Nations' Interests Are Now in Conflict

Central Banking Journal | 18 Feb 2011

Topics: China, Germany

Review of The Future of Finance: The LSE Report

Central Banking Journal | 23 Nov 2010

Topics: Adair Turner, Mervyn King, Bank of England, Charles Goodhart, Volcker rule

Review of The Squam Lake Report: Fixing the Financial System

Central Banking Journal | 17 Nov 2010

Topics: Frederic Mishkin

Review of Balancing the Banks: Global Lessons from the Financial Crisis

Central Banking Journal | 17 Nov 2010

Topics: Northern Rock, Glass-Steagall Act, Dodd-Frank Act

Review of 13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown

Central Banking Journal | 17 Aug 2010

Topics: Alan Greenspan

Review of Banking on the Future: The Fall and Rise of Central Banking

Central Banking Journal | 17 May 2010

Topics: Howard Davies

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