Oystein Olsen

Norges Bank cuts interest rates as krone weakens

Central Banking | 11 Dec 2014

Low inflation gives Norway's central bank room to tackle the impact on growth of falling oil prices; governor suggests key rate will remain at record low for the next two years

Topics: Norges Bank, Norway, Oystein Olsen


Norges Bank's Olsen sees dangers in too much transparency

Central Banking | 26 Nov 2014

Topics: Norges Bank, Norway, Oystein Olsen

Norges Bank's Øystein Olsen on governance and managing the world's largest SWF

Central Banking Journal | 20 Nov 2014

Topics: Norges Bank, Oystein Olsen

Norges Bank's Olsen defends ‘leaning against the wind' policy

Central Banking | 30 Sep 2014

Topics: Norges Bank, Oystein Olsen, Leaning against the wind

Norway governor sees greater role for central bank in new 'Nibor' framework

Central Banking | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: Norges Bank, Norway, Oystein Olsen, Interbank market, Libor

Norges Bank governor says clear 'reaction pattern' lessens attention on forward guidance

Central Banking | 09 Apr 2014

Topics: Norges Bank, Oystein Olsen, Forward guidance, Norway

Norges Bank handed advisory role on macro-prudential policy

Central Banking | 07 Oct 2013

Topics: Norway, Norges Bank, Oystein Olsen, Macro-prudential regulation

Norges Bank governor backs plans for counter-cyclical capital buffer

Central Banking | 19 Apr 2013

Topics: Oystein Olsen, Countercyclical, Norges Bank

Norges Bank ‘takes note’ of report criticising its communication

Central Banking | 04 Mar 2013

Topics: Norway, Norges Bank, Oystein Olsen, Interest rates

Norwegian governor wary of over-reliance on short-term debt

Central Banking | 15 Feb 2013

Topics: Oystein Olsen, Norges Bank, Norway, banks, Oil

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