IMF paper considers corporate governance reform in Japan

Central Banking | 07 Aug 2014

IMF researchers say corporate governance reform could help ‘unstash the cash’ held by Japanese firms and improve the economy’s growth potential

Topics: IMF, Japan, growth


Banxico deputy says free trade deals will boost medium-term growth

Central Banking | 19 May 2014

Topics: Bank of Mexico, Mexico, Emerging markets, growth

Flug fears advanced economies will leave Israel behind

Central Banking | 19 Feb 2014

Topics: growth, Israel, Bank of Israel, Karnit Flug

Sarb hits out at ‘blatant misrepresentation’ ahead of South Africa elections

Central Banking | 14 Feb 2014

Topics: South African Reserve Bank, South Africa, growth

Public opinion of BoJ policy continues to dive

Central Banking | 14 Feb 2014

Topics: Bank of Japan, Interest rates, quantitative easing, growth

Liberian credit grew 42.5% in 2013, says central bank annual report

Central Banking | 31 Jan 2014

Topics: Central Bank of Liberia, Liberia, growth

Central Bank of Peru revises annual growth and inflation rates downwards

Central Banking | 28 Jan 2014

Topics: Central Bank of Peru, Peru, IMF, Inflation, growth

Nigerian deputy says investment, not aid, will lead Africa to prosperity

Central Banking | 28 Jan 2014

Topics: Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi, growth, Africa

Bank of Canada deputy takes on 'elusive' potential output

Central Banking | 31 Oct 2013

Topics: Bank of Canada, Canada, Output gap, growth

SNB paper tests shock response on individual sectors

Central Banking | 30 Oct 2013

Topics: Swiss National Bank, Switzerland, monetary policy, growth

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