Central banks

Venezuela to adopt new currency exchange system

Central Banking | 22 Jan 2015

Venezuela’s president announces changes to the country’s three-tiered currency exchange system, adapting the higher rate to market fluctuations

Topics: Central Bank of Venezuela, Venezuela, Exchange rate


UK’s FCA declares success in nudging savers towards new products

Central Banking | 21 Jan 2015

Topics: Financial Conduct Authority

Cambodia’s central bank defends depiction of Buddha on banknotes

Central Banking | 19 Jan 2015

Topics: National Bank of Cambodia, Cambodia, banknotes

Slovenian paper examines government spending in a monetary union

Central Banking | 14 Jan 2015

Topics: Slovenia, Bank of Slovenia

World Bank research sees value in ‘acyclical’ remittances

Central Banking | 14 Jan 2015

Topics: World Bank, Remittances, Emerging markets

IMF gains one deputy managing director but loses another

Central Banking | 14 Jan 2015

Topics: IMF, Christine Lagarde

Afghanistan governor Delawari resigns

Central Banking | 14 Jan 2015

Topics: Bank of Afghanistan, Afghanistan

National Bank of Slovakia governor handed second term

Central Banking | 13 Jan 2015

Topics: Slovakia, National Bank of Slovakia, European Central Bank

Government spend no more effective at ZLB – NBER paper

Central Banking | 13 Jan 2015

Topics: United States, monetary policy, Sovereign debt

Turkmen central bank chief ousted as economic malaise worsens

Central Banking | 12 Jan 2015

Topics: Central Bank of Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan, growth, Exports

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