Dollar and renminbi can coexist as global currencies, Eichengreen says

Central Banking | 21 Oct 2014

Bank of Korea paper finds that ‘networks are open and several international currencies can coexist’, suggesting the dollar and the renminbi will share the role in the future

Topics: United States, Dollar, Bank of Korea, China, Chinese renminbi (RMB)


Trade balance improves after fiscal devaluation, study finds

Central Banking | 21 Oct 2014

Topics: Bank of Portugal, Spain, Portugal

IMF paper examines causes of financial market spillovers

Central Banking | 20 Oct 2014

Topics: IMF, Bonds, trade

Fed paper models impact of return to normal rates

Central Banking | 20 Oct 2014

Topics: Fed, Interest rates, monetary policy

French paper examines impact of ECB policy changes on asset prices

Central Banking | 20 Oct 2014

Topics: Eurozone, European Central Bank, Banque de France, Interest rates

Riksbank economist warns on corporate bond market

Central Banking | 16 Oct 2014

Topics: Sweden, Riksbank, Bonds

Colombian paper analyses financial networks

Central Banking | 15 Oct 2014

Topics: Central Bank of Colombia, Colombia

Belgian review: Common debt will remain ‘taboo’ in Europe

Central Banking | 15 Oct 2014

Topics: Belgium, National Bank of Belgium, Debt, Sovereign debt, Eurozone

RBI paper: Rural wages main driver of Indian food inflation

Central Banking | 14 Oct 2014

Topics: India, Reserve Bank of India, Food prices

Spanish economists adapt model on business cycle conditions to forecast growth

Central Banking | 13 Oct 2014

Topics: Spain, Bank of Spain, GDP

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