Klaas Knot: It’s up to governments now

Central Banking | 20 Nov 2014

Netherlands Bank president tells parliament that European governments will have to boost growth and ‘stir up’ inflation themselves; latest central bank bulletin reinforces point

Topics: Netherlands Bank, Inflation, European Central Bank


BIS paper warns Basel III likely to prove ‘challenging’ for emerging markets

Central Banking | 19 Nov 2014

Topics: Bank for International Settlements, Emerging markets, Basel III

Riksbank paper examines impact of systematic bailout guarantees on bank co-ordination

Central Banking | 18 Nov 2014

Topics: Riksbank, bailout, Sweden

BIS paper finds leverage ratio more countercyclical than other capital ratios

Central Banking | 18 Nov 2014

Topics: Leverage ratios, Bank for International Settlements, Basel III

Spain ‘decoupled’ from other eurozone economies, says Banque de France paper

Central Banking | 14 Nov 2014

Topics: Banque de France, Eurozone, Spain, Financial crisis, Sovereign debt

Banque de France paper studies welfare cost of uncertainty

Central Banking | 13 Nov 2014

Topics: Banque de France, France

No evidence US prices were ‘more stable or less uncertain' before or after WWII

Central Banking | 11 Nov 2014

Topics: Bank of Korea, United States, Gold

BoJ paper finds US crisis policy more impactful on markets than European measures

Central Banking | 10 Nov 2014

Topics: Bank of Japan, United States, Europe, Financial crisis

BoJ team surveys payment innovation landscape

Central Banking | 06 Nov 2014

Topics: Japan, Bank of Japan, payments

Swiss paper examines cost of different clearing set-ups

Central Banking | 04 Nov 2014

Topics: Switzerland, Swiss National Bank, Central counterparty (CCP), collateral

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