Chile paper finds increased pass-through from international to local inflation in OECD

Central Banking | 24 Apr 2014 secure

Analysing pass-through in 31 OECD countries, working paper also finds 'heterogeneity in size and statistical significance - especially important at the core level'

Topics: Central Bank of Chile, Inflation, OECD


IMF paper finds QE cut real US Treasury yields by 140bp between 2008-12

Central Banking | 23 Apr 2014 secure

Topics: IMF, Federal Reserve, quantitative easing

Supply chain integration drives closer price co-movement, BIS paper finds

Central Banking | 22 Apr 2014 secure

Topics: Bank for International Settlements, Inflation, Asia

Bar should be lowered for early warnings on currency crises, says IMF economist

Central Banking | 22 Apr 2014 secure

Topics: IMF

Massive stimulus saved China from ‘great recession'

Central Banking | 16 Apr 2014 secure

Topics: China, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, Financial crisis, Recession

Dutch say US stress tests produced ‘valuable information’

Central Banking | 15 Apr 2014 secure

Topics: Netherlands, United States, Stress tests

Empirical study informed Friedman's shift to monetarism

Central Banking | 14 Apr 2014 secure

Topics: Milton Friedman, Bank of Greece

Czechs discuss appropriate capital requirements for Sifis

Central Banking | 14 Apr 2014 secure

Topics: Czech National Bank, Czech Republic, Sifi, too big to fail

Foreign banks acted as 'buffer' on Korean monetary policy during the crisis

Central Banking | 14 Apr 2014 secure

Topics: Bank of Korea, Korea, South

Central bank communication key to herding behaviour, BoJ paper finds

Central Banking | 11 Apr 2014 secure

Topics: Bank of Japan, communication, quantitative easing

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