Robert Pringle's Viewpoint: The global finance system is in bad need of repair

Central Banking | 17 Dec 2014

Muddling through is not enough: neglect of global money can trigger political earthquakes that sweep away any chance of reasonable debate and compromise

Topics: Bank of England, IMF, Inflation targeting, China, India, Russia


Robert Pringle's Viewpoint: Policy-makers in thrall to group thinking

Central Banking | 19 Jan 2012

Topics: Federal reserve, Geithner, Ben Bernanke

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: What future for European banking?

Central Banking | 16 Dec 2011

Topics: ECB, Europe, banks

Getting ready for Vickers

Central Banking | 02 Sep 2011

Topics: Independent Commission on Banking, United Kingdom, banks

It is the supervision of the banks, not their structure, that is most important

Central Banking | 17 Mar 2011

Topics: Too big to fail, Too important to fail, United Kingdom

An overemphasis on risk models was the key flaw in the regulatory architecture

Central Banking | 17 Mar 2011

Topics: Basel II, Basel III, Risk

The future of British banking

Central Banking Journal | 18 Feb 2011

Topics: United Kingdom, Independent Commission on Banking

What Basel III means to us

Central Banking | 10 Jan 2011

Topics: Federal reserve, Bank of England, Riksbank, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Banque de France, Andrew Haldane, Bank of Spain, Basel III

Financial regulators’ doubts about the prudential regime

Central Banking | 18 Oct 2010

Britain’s banking commission must be bold

Central Banking Journal | 17 Aug 2010

Topics: Independent Commission on Banking, Systemic risk

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