The folly of foreign exchange intervention

Central Banking | 23 Mar 2011

The G-7’s bid to stem the yen’s appreciation threatens to damage Japan’s economy, Geoffrey Wood believes

Topics: yen, Japan, Bank of Japan


China's growth and the yuan's status are not inextricably linked

Central Banking | 14 Mar 2011

Topics: Chinese renminbi (RMB), Treasury bills, euro, Dollar

Using gold to restore currency stability

Central Banking | 08 Nov 2010

Topics: Gold, Gold Standard, Robert Zoellick

Gold should form an essential part of central banks’ liquidity portfolio

Central Banking | 08 Jul 2010

Topics: Gold, Financial crisis, Dollar

Three things you should know about Chiang Mai

Central Banking | 16 Feb 2010

Topics: Asia, Asian Development Bank

Will Dr. Gloom and Dr. Doom’s Next Domino Fall?

Central Banking | 23 Jul 2009

Topics: Argentina, Latvia, Steve Hanke

Ten heroes of monetary gold

Central Banking | 22 May 2009

Topics: Gold

Our outdated global monetary regime must go

Central Banking | 20 May 2009

Topics: International, IMF, Dollar

What's behind the fear of intervention?

Central Banking | 10 Dec 2008

Topics: International, Dollar, greenback

Central banks: the gorillas of foreign exchange

Central Banking | 15 Nov 2007

Topics: International, Dollar, Bank for International Settlements, Adair Turner

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