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Robert Pringle's Viewpoint: Time for central banks to play politics

Central Banking | 16 Apr 2014 secure

Central bankers need to use the breathing space created by their extraordinary policies to lobby for deeper reform

Topics: Financial Stability Board (FSB), Mark Carney, Bank of England, Ben Bernanke, Raghuram Rajan, Reserve Bank of India, IMF


Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: Storm signals over world money

Central Banking | 21 Mar 2014 secure

Topics: Paul Volcker, Raghuram Rajan, Jacques de Larosière

Cold comfort for Icesave guarantors

Central Banking | 25 Feb 2014 secure

Topics: Iceland

Robert Pringle's Viewpoint: The eurozone’s unfinished business

Central Banking | 20 Feb 2014 secure

Topics: Mario Draghi, European Central Bank, Paul Volcker, Christian Noyer, OECD, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, euro

A new and explicit policy on liquidity provision

Central Banking | 28 Oct 2013 secure

Topics: Bank of England, Liquidity, Mark Carney, Mervyn King, Walter Bagehot, collateral

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: ECB needs to play ‘chicken’ to force reform of Europe’s banks

Central Banking | 08 Oct 2013

Topics: ECB, European Central Bank, Europe, IMF, Christine Lagarde, Yves Mersch, Bonds, European Stability Mechanism, Mario Draghi, Peter Praet, Single supervisory mechanism, Banking union, Resolution

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: Looking for a game-changer for the financial system

Central Banking | 18 Sep 2013

Topics: monetary policy, IMF, People's Bank of China, Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, Zhou Xiaochuan, Mark Carney, Financial Stability Board (FSB), Bank for International Settlements, Leaning against the wind, OECD

A turning point for Greece and the euro

Central Banking Journal | 13 Sep 2013

Topics: Bank of Greece, euro, European Central Bank, monetary policy

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: Managing without safe assets – tricky but not impossible

Central Banking | 20 Aug 2013

Topics: Bank for International Settlements, Minneapolis, Jaime Caruana, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Sovereign debt, Fiat money, Treasury bills

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: Rebalancing the fraught relationship between governments and central banks

Central Banking | 18 Jun 2013

Topics: John Gieve, Jens Weidmann, European Central Bank, Bank of England, Deutsche Bundesbank, Independence

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