Opinion: Carney’s dismissal of using monetary policy to resist rising asset prices is 'vacuous'

Central Banking | 21 Jul 2014

It is vital that politically independent central banks should work within a political vacuum, rather than adjusting their monetary policy reasoning to avoid subsequent political controversy

Topics: Mark Carney, Bank of England, Bank for International Settlements

Tim Young

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: Start policy normalisation now!

Central Banking | 18 Jul 2014

Topics: Interest rates, quantitative easing, Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of England, Central bank mandates, Mark Carney

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: Coping with capital flows

Central Banking | 17 Jun 2014

Topics: monetary policy, IMF, Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Guillermo Ortiz, Bank of Mexico, Claudio Borio, Bank for International Settlements, Paul Volcker

Opinion: The ECB is in danger of losing its voice

Central Banking | 02 Jun 2014

Topics: ECB, European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, communication, monetary policy, Interest rates, OMT

Robert Pringle's Viewpoint: A pride of central banks

Central Banking | 22 May 2014

Topics: Robert Pringle, Federal Reserve, Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, Lamido Sanusi

Sanusi: untainted by oil

Central Banking Journal | 12 May 2014

Topics: Lamido Sanusi, Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria

Robert Pringle's Viewpoint: Time for central banks to play politics

Central Banking | 16 Apr 2014

Topics: Financial Stability Board (FSB), Mark Carney, Bank of England, Ben Bernanke, Raghuram Rajan, Reserve Bank of India, IMF

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: Storm signals over world money

Central Banking | 21 Mar 2014

Topics: Paul Volcker, Raghuram Rajan, Jacques de Larosière

An alternative vision of the Old Lady

Central Banking | 18 Mar 2014

Topics: Bank of England

Cold comfort for Icesave guarantors

Central Banking | 25 Feb 2014

Topics: Iceland

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