Central banks and SWFs must upskill to face new investment challenges

Central Banking | 24 Apr 2014 secure

Study commissioned by State Street finds central banks, sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds preparing for a broader investment universe

Topics: Sovereign wealth fund (SWF)


Former BoE staff clash over reserves accounting in Central Banking debate

Central Banking | 23 Apr 2014 secure

Topics: Bank of England, Charles Goodhart

Zöllner: Asset managers are biggest non-bank FX traders

Central Banking | 01 Apr 2014 secure

Topics: Bank for International Settlements

National Bank of Ukraine heads for IT regime following clear-out of senior staff

Central Banking | 28 Mar 2014 secure

Topics: Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, IMF

State Bank of Pakistan has 'critically low' reserves

Central Banking | 28 Mar 2014 secure

Topics: Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan, IMF, Reserves, Inflation

SNB expands equity holdings in ethical investment drive

Central Banking | 25 Mar 2014 secure

Topics: Swiss National Bank, Switzerland, Reserves

Reserve managers ‘obsessed' with short-term results, says Passacantando

Central Banking | 14 Mar 2014 secure

Topics: risk, National Bank of Slovakia, Bank of Italy, quantitative easing, Emerging markets, National Bank of Austria

Reserve managers stress importance of portfolio transparency

Central Banking | 14 Mar 2014 secure

Topics: Bank of Lithuania, Bank of Latvia, Banque de France, Central Bank of Colombia, Marco Ruiz

Banque de France ‘is active’ in onshore renminbi market

Central Banking | 13 Mar 2014 secure

Topics: France, Banque de France, Chinese renminbi (RMB)

Bank of Zambia tries to talk down forex market ‘panic'

Central Banking | 11 Mar 2014 secure

Topics: Federal Reserve, Africa, Bank of Zambia, Zambia, Emerging markets

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Is the Bank of England’s second “phase” of forward guidance:

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