Bank of Russia to offer $50 billion through new FX repos

Central Banking | 16 Oct 2014

Russian central bank unveils new measures to boost short-term foreign exchange liquidity in markets, and will offer $50 billion between now and the end of 2016

Topics: Russia, Bank of Russia, Ruble, Exchange rate


SNB speaks out against 'gold initiative'

Central Banking | 09 Oct 2014

Topics: Swiss National Bank, Switzerland, Gold

Supreme Court clears Central Bank of Sri Lanka over Greek investment

Central Banking | 29 Sep 2014

Topics: Sri Lanka, Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Bonds, Sovereign debt, Greece

Central Bank of Turkey quadruples amount of forex on offer in daily auctions

Central Banking | 26 Sep 2014

Topics: Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Turkey, Exchange rate, Emerging markets

Central Bank of Hungary digs into reserves to supply banks with foreign currency

Central Banking | 25 Sep 2014

Topics: Central Bank of Hungary, Hungary, Swiss franc, euro

Argentinian government will use 42% of central bank’s dollar reserves in 2015

Central Banking | 22 Sep 2014

Topics: Banco Central de la Republica Argentina, Argentina, Debt

PBoC signs $1.63bn swap deal with Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Central Banking | 22 Sep 2014

Topics: Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, China, People's Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan, Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Chinese renminbi (RMB)

Carney: shortfall in reserves likely for independent Scotland

Central Banking | 10 Sep 2014

Topics: Mark Carney, Bank of England, Independence, sterling

Argentina’s central bank lowers cap on commercial bank dollar holdings

Central Banking | 04 Sep 2014

Topics: Argentina, Exchange rate

IMF deems Czech exchange rate floor appropriate ‘for now’

Central Banking | 03 Sep 2014

Topics: Czech National Bank, Czech Republic, IMF, Exchange rate

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