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Stick to inflation targeting, Grimes tells central banks

Central Banking | 13 Dec 2013 | screening image secure

Central bankers should stick to what they do best – keeping inflation in check – without taking on multiple targets that damage their credibility, says recently retired RBNZ chairman Arthur Grimes

Topics: Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Inflation targeting, Central bank mandates


Belarusian chair Ermakova reveals how she tackled runaway inflation

Central Banking | 16 Aug 2013 secure

Topics: Belarus, National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, Exchange rate, Inflation, Interest rates

Central Bank of Peru’s Julio Velarde on the impact of Fed tapering

Central Banking Journal | 12 Aug 2013

Topics: Peru, Julio Velarde

Thai governor hankers for return to ‘normal' monetary policy

Central Banking | 09 Aug 2013 secure

Topics: Thailand, Bank of Thailand, Prasarn Trairatvorakul

Bank of Israel’s outgoing chief, Stanley Fischer, on the challenges of central banking

Central Banking Journal | 05 Jun 2013

Topics: Federal Reserve, ECB, Eurozone, IMF, Ben Bernanke, Bank of Israel, Cyprus, quantitative easing, Mario Draghi, Stanley Fischer

Bank of Thailand's Prasarn Trairatvorakul on the central bank's 70th anniversary

Central Banking Journal | 24 Aug 2012

Topics: Prasarn Trairatvorakul, Bank of Thailand, Thailand, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean)

Robert Aliber says the US must get tough on China

Central Banking Journal | 21 Feb 2012

Topics: China, United States, Asset bubble

Q&A: Central Bank of Colombia governor José Darío Uribe

Central Banking Journal | 21 Feb 2012

Topics: Central Bank of Colombia, Inflation targeting, José Darío Uribe, Colombia

Interview: Robert Mundell

Central Banking Journal | 22 Aug 2011

Topics: euro, Europe, monetary policy

Interview: Jaime Caruana

Central Banking Journal | 22 Aug 2011

Topics: Bank for International Settlements, monetary policy

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