Norges Bank's Øystein Olsen on governance and managing the world's largest SWF

Central Banking Journal | 20 Nov 2014

Øystein Olsen, governor of Norges Bank, speaks to Christopher Jeffery about greater transparency and governance, including managing the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund

Topics: Norges Bank, Oystein Olsen


BIS' William Coen on Basel III and preventing the next crisis

Central Banking Journal | 20 Nov 2014

Topics: Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Basel III, Risk

Peru governor says Fed ‘normalisation’ will help reverse domestic slowdown

Central Banking | 18 Sep 2014 | screening image

Topics: Central Bank of Peru, Peru, monetary policy, Federal reserve, Julio Velarde, China

MAS' Ravi Menon on Fed policy, China and global regulation

Central Banking Journal | 10 Aug 2014

Topics: The Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore, Ravi Menon

Agustín Carstens on Fed policy, shadow banking and Mexico's economic strengths

Central Banking Journal | 08 Aug 2014

Topics: Bank of Mexico, Mexico, Agustin Carstens, Federal reserve, G-20, Shadow banking, IMF

Raghuram Rajan on the dangers of asset prices, policy spillovers and finance in India

Central Banking Journal | 06 Aug 2014

Topics: Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, Inflation, Exchange rate

Paul Collier on central bank leadership, flawed policy and SWFs in Africa

Central Banking Journal | 13 May 2014

Topics: Africa, Inflation targeting, Sovereign wealth fund (SWF)

Amando Tetangco on central bank policy, fund flows and financial inclusion

Central Banking Journal | 12 May 2014

Topics: Central Bank of the Philippines, Amando Tetangco

Paul Volcker on inflation, QE exit and monetary system flaws

Central Banking Journal | 12 May 2014

Topics: Paul Volcker, Central Banking awards

Banque de France's Christian Noyer on bank runs, the euro crisis and a Fed-like ECB

Central Banking Journal | 17 Feb 2014

Topics: France, Banque de France, Eurosystem, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, banknotes, Target II, Financial crisis, Mario Draghi, Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann

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