Dealing with an age of turbulence in emerging markets

Central Banking Journal | 20 Nov 2014

Nigerian deputy governor details the options available to emerging markets when reacting to changes in developed-world monetary policies and associated fund movements

Topics: Emerging markets, Central Bank of Nigeria, Federal reserve, quantitative easing

Dr Kingsley Moghalu

Assessing credit risk post-crisis at a central bank

Central Banking Journal | 19 Nov 2014

Topics: Bank of Canada, Financial Stability Board (FSB), Ratings, Ratings agencies

Czech currency intervention and forex reserves

Central Banking Journal | 19 Nov 2014

Topics: Czech National Bank, Czech Republic, Reserves

The value of ETFs to central bank reserves managers

Central Banking Journal | 16 Oct 2014

Topics: Swiss National Bank, Bank of Lithuania, BlackRock, Gary Smith, Sandro Streit, Mindaugas Vaiciulis, Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Global tactical asset allocation (GTAA), State Street Global Advisors, Vanguard Asset Management

Reassessing the sovereign investor nexus

Central Banking Journal | 17 Feb 2014

Topics: sovereign wealth fund

Asset manager of the year: BlackRock

Central Banking Journal | 13 Jan 2014

Topics: BlackRock, Philipp Hildebrand

Reserve manager of the year: Central Bank of Colombia

Central Banking Journal | 13 Jan 2014

Topics: Central Bank of Colombia, Colombia, Reserves

Kazakhstan’s integration of alternative assets into its reserves management

Central Banking Journal | 16 Nov 2013

Topics: Kazakhstan, National Bank of Kazakhstan, hedge funds, sovereign wealth fund

Renminbi internationalisation to get boost from 60m overseas Chinese

Central Banking Journal | 28 Feb 2013

Topics: euro, Dollar, yen, Japan, China, Chinese renminbi (RMB), Reserves

Renminbi to shake up the reserves management status quo

Central Banking Journal | 16 May 2012

Topics: China, Chinese renminbi (RMB), Dollar, euro, Swiss franc, IMF, Special drawing right (SDR), Hong Kong

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