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Europe could learn from Germany’s macro-prudential approach

Central Banking Journal | 12 Aug 2013

Germany’s approach to macro-prudential oversight could offer insights into how to democratise ‘hard’ policy tools and enshrine independence at a time when more power is being transferred to the ECB

Topics: Macro-prudential regulation, Germany, monetary policy, ECB, Bundesbank


The PBoC, the liquidity squeeze and market liberalisation

Central Banking Journal | 12 Aug 2013

Topics: People's Bank of China, China

A status report on Dodd-Frank and the Volcker rule

Central Banking Journal | 12 Aug 2013

Topics: Dodd-Frank Act, United States, European Union (EU), Financial crisis

New central bank policy mandates could cause vicious feedback loops

Central Banking Journal | 12 Aug 2013

Topics: Macro-prudential regulation, monetary policy, Bank of England

The SSM, banking union and the future of prudential policy in Europe

Central Banking Journal | 10 May 2013

Topics: Macro-prudential regulation, Single supervisory mechanism, ECB

Deutsche Bundesbank’s losing struggle in European integration battle

Central Banking Journal | 28 Feb 2013

Topics: Deutsche Bundesbank, ECB, Federal Reserve, Single supervisory mechanism

Bretton Woods transcripts reveal global discord that still resonates today

Central Banking Journal | 28 Feb 2013

Topics: Bretton Woods, IMF, World Bank, John Maynard Keynes

Collateral problems in the euro area

Central Banking Journal | 28 Feb 2013

Topics: Systemic risk, ECB, Target II, collateral

The ghost at the IMF’s Tokyo feast

Central Banking Journal | 13 Dec 2012

Topics: IMF, Japan, Christine Lagarde, Olivier Blanchard, China, India, Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Korea, South, Mario Draghi, Klaus Regling, Peter Praet, ECB, Single supervisory mechanism, Fed, Ben Bernanke, Bank of Japan, Masaaki Shirakawa, Philipp Hildebrand, Graeme Wheeler, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Taming the finance monster

Central Banking Journal | 04 Dec 2012

Topics: Financial crisis, sovereign wealth funds

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