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Bank rules and their impact on inequality

Central Banking Journal | 22 Sep 2014

Banking regulation has a profound effect on levels of long-term financial inclusion around the world; US engaged in a failed ‘lottery ticket’ effort by the US to offer housing to the poor.

Topics: United States, China, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Mortgage-backed securities, Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, United Kingdom

image of a foreclosure notice

BoE paper: ‘No evidence' QE operated via bank-lending channel in UK

Central Banking | 19 Sep 2014

Topics: quantitative easing, United Kingdom, Bank of England

Bank of England QE led institutional investors into corporate debt

Central Banking | 15 Sep 2014

Topics: Bank of England, quantitative easing, United Kingdom

Kohn says exit from unconventional monetary policies likely to be 'positive event' for UK

Central Banking | 11 Sep 2014

Topics: Bank of England, United Kingdom, quantitative easing, risk

Carney says 'striking' labour market differences will prompt ‘less synchronised' monetary policy

Central Banking | 09 Sep 2014

Topics: Mark Carney, Bank of England, United States, United Kingdom, Unemployment

LCH payments system raises concentration concerns

Central Banking | 09 Sep 2014

Topics: Payments, United Kingdom

De La Rue ‘preferred bidder' for next Bank of England printing deal

Central Banking | 08 Sep 2014

Topics: Bank of England, Polymer, banknotes, sterling, United Kingdom

Bank of England sets out rules for foreign bank branches

Central Banking | 05 Sep 2014

Topics: Bank of England, Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), United Kingdom

Olli Rehn: Scotland would need central bank to join EU

Central Banking | 03 Sep 2014

Topics: euro, Europe, Eurozone, United Kingdom, Montenegro, sterling, pound

Bank of England MPC sees first dissent since 2011

Central Banking | 20 Aug 2014

Topics: Bank of England, Mark Carney, Martin Weale, United Kingdom

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