IMF paper examines causes of financial market spillovers

Central Banking | 20 Oct 2014

Research finds financial market spillovers are affected by ‘bilateral portfolio asset holdings, as well as a country’s geographical preferences’

Topics: IMF, Bonds, trade


Paper finds evidence of multiplier effect in food trade policy

Central Banking | 30 Sep 2014

Topics: IMF, trade, Food prices

Latvian paper proposes refinement to definition of trade

Central Banking | 22 Sep 2014

Topics: trade, Bank of Latvia, China, Emerging markets

US and Europe more vital for Australian trade than thought

Central Banking | 12 Aug 2014

Topics: trade, Reserve Bank of Australia, Australia, Europe

Devaluation would not hit Albanian short-run trade balance, research suggests

Central Banking | 26 Feb 2014

Topics: Albania, Bank of Albania, trade

ECB paper says global economy still haunted by ‘spectre of protectionism’

Central Banking | 29 Nov 2013

Topics: ECB, G-20, trade

ECB paper proposes new metrics for competitiveness

Central Banking | 22 Nov 2013

Topics: ECB, trade

Macklem says Canadian exporters must look to new markets

Central Banking | 02 Oct 2013

Topics: growth, trade, Canada, Bank of Canada, Macklem, Exports

Terms of trade volatility exacerbates shock effects for small open economies

Central Banking | 22 Aug 2013

Topics: trade

Fall in equities most significant global impact of euro crisis, says ECB paper

Central Banking | 13 Aug 2013

Topics: Eurozone, ECB, trade

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