Sovereign wealth fund (SWF)

Sovereign bonds offer ‘return-less risk' says GIC's head of fixed income

Central Banking | 25 Jul 2014

The returns on offer from the biggest sovereign bond issuers offer too little return even for the small level of risk associated, says GIC's managing director in charge of fixed income

Topics: Singapore, Sovereign wealth fund (SWF), Bonds, Sovereign debt, Treasury bills


Ethical investment may not mean higher returns, says Norway fund chief economist

Central Banking | 25 Jul 2014

Topics: Norway, Sovereign wealth fund (SWF)

OECD warns taper hits developing-world growth prospects

Central Banking | 08 Jul 2014

Topics: OECD, Sovereign wealth fund (SWF)

Bank of Russia sells half its stake in Moscow bourse to SWF-led investor group

Central Banking | 03 Jul 2014

Topics: Bank of Russia, Sovereign wealth fund (SWF)

Temasek marks 40th birthday by opening New York office

Central Banking | 27 Jun 2014

Topics: Temasek, Singapore, Sovereign wealth fund (SWF), New York, Bitcoin

Expanding SWF forum to fly IMF nest and land in London next month

Central Banking | 17 Jun 2014

Topics: Sovereign wealth fund (SWF), Nigeria, Russian Federation

Australian sovereign wealth fund appoints new head

Central Banking | 13 Jun 2014

Topics: Sovereign wealth fund (SWF), Australia

Paul Collier on central bank leadership, flawed policy and SWFs in Africa

Central Banking Journal | 13 May 2014

Topics: Africa, Inflation targeting, Sovereign wealth fund (SWF)

Cyprus finance ministry to publish SWF framework this year

Central Banking | 09 May 2014

Topics: Cyprus, Sovereign wealth fund (SWF)

Norway SWF axes JP Morgan as global custodian

Central Banking | 07 May 2014

Topics: Norway, Norges Bank, Norges Bank Investment Management, Sovereign wealth fund (SWF), Citi, JPMorgan

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