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Bank of Canada will consult public on future banknote designs

Central Banking | 10 Oct 2014

Bank of Canada launches a nationwide consultation on banknote design principles, after a report concluding that Canadians should have increased participation in the process

Topics: Bank of Canada, Norges Bank, Canada, Norway, banknotes


Norges Bank's Olsen defends ‘leaning against the wind' policy

Central Banking | 30 Sep 2014

Topics: Norges Bank, Oystein Olsen, Leaning against the wind

IMF calls on Nordics to keep housing markets in check

Central Banking | 02 Sep 2014

Topics: Sweden, Norway, Norges Bank, Riksbank, IMF, Macro-prudential regulation

Norges Bank paper finds ‘booming' resource sector has ‘significant' productivity spillovers

Central Banking | 28 Aug 2014

Topics: Norges Bank, Norway, Australia

Norway SWF manager doubles leadership team

Central Banking | 20 Aug 2014

Topics: Norway, Norges Bank Investment Management, Norges Bank, Sovereign wealth fund (SWF)

Norway governor sees greater role for central bank in new 'Nibor' framework

Central Banking | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: Norges Bank, Norway, Oystein Olsen, Interbank market, Libor

Norwegian SWF plans $27bn expansion into real estate

Central Banking | 24 Jun 2014

Topics: Norway, Norges Bank, Norges Bank Investment Management

Norges Bank says rates could stay low for longer

Central Banking | 19 Jun 2014

Topics: Norges Bank, Norway

Borio: current account is a ‘badly inadequate' measure of financial risk

Central Banking | 06 Jun 2014

Topics: Claudio Borio, Bank for International Settlements, Norges Bank, Reserves

Norges Bank poised to complete shift from FX buyer to seller before year's end

Central Banking | 02 Jun 2014

Topics: Norges Bank, Norway, sovereign wealth funds, Exchange rate

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