Dutch paper examines bank responses to wholesale funding shocks

Central Banking | 20 Jan 2015

Working paper published by The Netherlands Bank finds banks with large exposure to government bonds show ‘relatively stronger response’ to wholesale funding shocks

Topics: Netherlands, Netherlands Bank


DNB paper calls for ‘fundamental overhaul' of Dutch pensions system

Central Banking | 16 Jan 2015

Topics: Netherlands Bank, Netherlands

DNB bulletin: International cooperation ‘essential’ over cyber threats

Central Banking | 08 Jan 2015

Topics: Netherlands, Netherlands Bank

Netherlands Bank moves 122.5 tonnes of gold from New York to Amsterdam

Central Banking | 21 Nov 2014

Topics: Gold, Netherlands, Netherlands Bank, Swiss National Bank

Netherlands at the ‘forefront’ of global reforms, says FSB

Central Banking | 12 Nov 2014

Topics: Netherlands, Netherlands Bank, Financial Stability Board (FSB)

Dutch central bank adopts new supervisory structure

Central Banking | 03 Nov 2014

Topics: Netherlands, Netherlands Bank, European Central Bank, Single supervisory mechanism

Dutch economists recommend using social media as confidence indicator

Central Banking | 10 Sep 2014

Topics: Netherlands, European Central Bank

Dutch payments forum looking to ‘speed-up’ transfers

Central Banking | 04 Sep 2014

Topics: Netherlands, Netherlands Bank, payments

Better budgeting tools could encourage low earners to switch from cash to card

Central Banking | 01 Aug 2014

Topics: Netherlands, Netherlands Bank, Debit Cards, cash

Preferential treatment distorts banks' demand for government bonds

Central Banking | 30 Jul 2014

Topics: Netherlands Bank, Bonds, Netherlands

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