Interest rates

Rajan overruled external members’ call for rate cut in September

Central Banking | 23 Oct 2014

External members on RBI’s technical advisory committee see the case for easing, and the majority voted for a rate cut in September; deputy governor portfolios shaken up

Topics: India, Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, Interest rates, Inflation


Broadbent: Neutral real rates will stay low for ‘some time’

Central Banking | 23 Oct 2014

Topics: Bank of England, United Kingdom, Interest rates

BoE minutes hint at dovish shift

Central Banking | 22 Oct 2014

Topics: Bank of England, monetary policy, Interest rates, Martin Weale

RBA’s Lowe wants more market appetite for ‘real investments’

Central Banking | 21 Oct 2014

Topics: monetary policy, Interest rates, Australia, Reserve Bank of Australia

Fed paper models impact of return to normal rates

Central Banking | 20 Oct 2014

Topics: Fed, Interest rates, monetary policy

French paper examines impact of ECB policy changes on asset prices

Central Banking | 20 Oct 2014

Topics: Eurozone, European Central Bank, Banque de France, Interest rates

BoE’s Weale posits method of overcoming uncertainty

Central Banking | 16 Oct 2014

Topics: Martin Weale, Bank of England, Taylor rule, Interest rates, Unemployment

Debelle surprised markets take central banks at their word

Central Banking | 15 Oct 2014

Topics: Australia, Reserve Bank of Australia, Forward guidance, Interest rates

Bank of Korea turns focus to stability threats after rate cut

Central Banking | 15 Oct 2014

Topics: Bank of Korea, Korea, South, Interest rates, monetary policy, Debt

Fischer says Fed ‘better think about’ international spillovers

Central Banking | 12 Oct 2014

Topics: Federal Reserve, Stanley Fischer, Interest rates, quantitative easing

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