SNB speaks out against 'gold initiative'

Central Banking | 09 Oct 2014

Swiss National Bank rejects proposals to prevent it from selling gold; Jean-Pierre Danthine argues that ‘currency reserves that cannot be sold are not truly reserves’

Topics: Swiss National Bank, Switzerland, Gold


SNB reports profit of almost $18bn for first half of the year

Central Banking | 31 Jul 2014

Topics: Swiss National Bank, Gold, Swiss franc, Switzerland, Profit

Central Bank of Ecuador deposits half its gold with Goldman Sachs

Central Banking | 03 Jun 2014

Topics: Central Bank of Ecuador, Ecuador, Goldman Sachs, Gold

European central banks strike new gold agreement

Central Banking | 19 May 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, Eurozone, Riksbank, Swiss National Bank, Gold

St Louis Fed research chief calls Bitcoin ‘stroke of genius'

Central Banking | 07 Apr 2014

Topics: Bitcoin, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, Gold

Swiss upper house rejects initiative that would force SNB to double gold holdings

Central Banking | 07 Mar 2014

Topics: Swiss National Bank, Gold, Switzerland, Reserves

Central banks cut gold purchases by a third, as consumers pick up slack

Central Banking | 18 Feb 2014

Topics: Gold

SNB loses $16 billion on gold

Central Banking | 06 Jan 2014

Topics: Swiss National Bank, Switzerland, Gold, Profit, Loss

Central Bank of Venezuela to buy country's entire gold production

Central Banking | 18 Dec 2013

Topics: Central Bank of Venezuela, Venezuela, Gold, Inflation

Book notes: Against the Consensus: Reflections on the Great Recession

Central Banking Journal | 16 Nov 2013

Topics: Financial crisis, China, monetary policy, Macro-economics, IMF, Gold, Fiat money

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