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Fed’s Powell: Virtual currencies ‘not ready’ for role in payments reform

Central Banking | 30 Jan 2015

Governor Jerome Powell says virtual currencies could play a ‘bigger role’ in the future, but are not yet ‘mature enough’ to contribute to the Fed’s faster payments initiative

Topics: Federal reserve, payments, Esther George


Upbeat Fed statement keeps mid-year rate hike alive

Central Banking | 29 Jan 2015

Topics: Federal reserve, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Interest rates, Inflation

Fed challenges payments industry to get quicker and safer

Central Banking | 27 Jan 2015

Topics: United States, Federal reserve, payments

Eichengreen says central banks should worry more about deflation than 'profits and losses'

Central Banking | 23 Jan 2015 | screening image

Topics: Barry Eichengreen, Eurozone, Deflation, Japan, Federal reserve, Janet Yellen, quantitative easing, Forward guidance, Financial crisis

Lagarde: Divergent monetary policy could be a good thing

Central Banking | 22 Jan 2015

Topics: European Central Bank, Federal reserve, IMF, Christine Lagarde

Fed’s Powell offers support for ‘ambitious’ BoE review

Central Banking | 21 Jan 2015

Topics: Bank of England, Federal reserve

Fed sets up permanent community advisory council

Central Banking | 19 Jan 2015

Topics: Federal reserve, Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke

Plosser: Regular monetary reports would force FOMC to ‘think more deeply’

Central Banking | 15 Jan 2015

Topics: Charles Plosser, Philadelphia, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Federal reserve

People: Philadelphia Fed gets new directors; Paraguay central banker named finance minister

Central Banking | 12 Jan 2015

Topics: Central Bank of Chile, Federal reserve, Philadelphia, Central Bank of Paraguay, United States, Chile, Paraguay

Fed earns $116bn on QE assets in 2014

Central Banking | 12 Jan 2015

Topics: Federal reserve, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Janet Yellen, quantitative easing

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