Federal reserve

Fed changes forward guidance

Central Banking | 18 Dec 2014

Janet Yellen says FOMC ‘can be patient' in normalising monetary policy, but says new language does not signal change in outlook; Fisher, Plosser and Kocherlakota dissent

Topics: Federal reserve, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)


Fischer questions FSB's democratic credentials

Central Banking | 15 Dec 2014

Topics: Stanley Fischer, Federal reserve, Financial Stability Board (FSB), Bank of Israel, Paul Tucker

Kocherlakota announces Fed departure

Central Banking | 12 Dec 2014

Topics: Narayana Kocherlakota, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), United States, Federal reserve

Women still hold less than 10% of top jobs

Central Banking | 12 Dec 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, Federal reserve, Janet Yellen

Fed proposes tougher capital surcharges on biggest banks

Central Banking | 10 Dec 2014

Topics: Federal reserve, United States, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Janet Yellen

People: BoE poaches IMF researcher; Nigeria's central bank deputy stands down

Central Banking | 28 Nov 2014

Topics: Bank of England, IMF, Central Bank of Nigeria, Federal reserve

New York Fed consultant slams bank's ‘intensely deferential' regulatory culture

Central Banking | 24 Nov 2014

Topics: Federal reserve, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, William Dudley, Goldman Sachs

The shift to a multi-polar world

Central Banking Journal | 20 Nov 2014

Topics: quantitative easing, ECB, Federal reserve, Janet Yellen, Bank of Japan, Mario Draghi, Haruhiko Kuroda, Dollar, Ronald McKinnon, G-20, IMF, Special drawing right (SDR), Chinese renminbi (RMB)

Dealing with an age of turbulence in emerging markets

Central Banking Journal | 20 Nov 2014

Topics: Emerging markets, Central Bank of Nigeria, Federal reserve, quantitative easing

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: Time to cure central bankers’ deflation phobia

Central Banking | 19 Nov 2014

Topics: Bank of England, Federal reserve, Bank of Japan, Inflation targeting, Janet Yellen, Masaaki Shirakawa, Sovereign debt, Mark Carney

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