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Lithuania cleared to adopt euro in 2015

Central Banking | 04 Jun 2014 secure

Lithuania set to follow Estonia and Latvia into the eurozone; ECB gives seal of approval but warns it will be ‘challenging' to keep inflation low after joining

Topics: Bank of Lithuania, Lithuania, euro, Eurozone, ECB, European Commission


EC tackling final questions on CCP resolution

Central Banking | 21 May 2014 secure

Topics: European Commission, Central counterparty (CCP), Resolution

Troika warns Greek capital buffers may be insufficient

Central Banking | 20 Mar 2014 secure

Topics: Bank of Greece, Greece, IMF, ECB, European Commission

Europe's banking union gets single resolution mechanism

Central Banking | 20 Mar 2014 secure

Topics: Single supervisory mechanism, European Central Bank, European Commission, European Council (EC)

Ukraine wins EU rescue package as finance ministry threatens debt restructure

Central Banking | 05 Mar 2014 secure

Topics: Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, European Commission, IMF, United States

Cœuré defends Troika to European Parliament

Central Banking | 14 Feb 2014 secure

Topics: Benoît Cœuré, European Central Bank, IMF, European Commission

Barnier publishes bank split proposals

Central Banking | 29 Jan 2014 secure

Topics: European Commission, Michel Barnier, Erkki Liikanen

Cœuré wants to fast-track resolution fund

Central Banking | 22 Jan 2014 secure

Topics: ECB, Benoît Cœuré, European Commission, Axel Weber

Trichet calls on Troika to ‘gradually disappear’

Central Banking | 14 Jan 2014 secure

Topics: Jean-Claude Trichet, ECB, IMF, European Commission

ECB deflects parliament questions on troika

Central Banking | 10 Jan 2014 secure

Topics: European Commission, ECB, IMF, Central Bank of Ireland, Patrick Honohan

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