European Commission

EC vice-president urges ECB to play its part in historic investment push

Central Banking | 26 Nov 2014

Jyrki Katainen highlights need for policy co-ordination as public-private EU investment fund is announced; ECB's Constâncio suggests no decision on QE in December

Topics: European Commission, ECB, Vitor Constancio

Photo of a pocket watch and coins on euro notes

ECB publishes letters between Trichet and Irish government

Central Banking | 06 Nov 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, Ireland, IMF, European Commission

European Commission approves Portuguese institution designed to finance SMEs

Central Banking | 28 Oct 2014

Topics: European Commission, Bank of Portugal, Portugal

European Commission approves central bank’s BES intervention

Central Banking | 17 Oct 2014

Topics: Bank of Portugal, European Commission, Portugal

European Banking Authority unveils framework for classifying high-quality securitisations

Central Banking | 15 Oct 2014

Topics: European Banking Authority , banks, Asset-backed securities, European Commission

Buba official warns against tapping ESM for investment

Central Banking | 09 Oct 2014

Topics: Deutsche Bundesbank, European Stability Mechanism, European Commission

Bulgaria tells Brussels it can't guarantee failed bank deposits

Central Banking | 14 Aug 2014

Topics: Bulgaria, Bulgarian National Bank, European Commission, Deposit insurance, Resolution

Lithuania cleared to adopt euro in 2015

Central Banking | 04 Jun 2014

Topics: Bank of Lithuania, Lithuania, euro, Eurozone, ECB, European Commission

EC tackling final questions on CCP resolution

Central Banking | 21 May 2014

Topics: European Commission, Central counterparty (CCP), Resolution

Troika warns Greek capital buffers may be insufficient

Central Banking | 20 Mar 2014

Topics: Bank of Greece, Greece, IMF, ECB, European Commission

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