Chiang Mai Initiative doubled in size to $240 billion

Central Banking | 17 Jul 2014

Financial safety net for China, Japan, Korea and the Asean nations doubled in size; Bill Allen describes the initiative as 'ornamental' as it has never actually been used

Topics: Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization, China, Japan, Korea, South

Asia globe

Brics nations launch development bank and reserve fund

Central Banking | 16 Jul 2014

Topics: Brazil, Russian Federation, India, China, South Africa

Price competitiveness strong in the US but weak in China, Bundesbank paper finds

Central Banking | 04 Jul 2014

Topics: Bundesbank, Deutsche Bundesbank, United States, China, Exchange rate

Chinese banks freed to set own RMB-dollar exchange rate

Central Banking | 03 Jul 2014

Topics: Exchange rate, China, Central Bank of China, People's Bank of China, Chinese renminbi (RMB)

PBoC approves direct trading between renminbi and sterling

Central Banking | 18 Jun 2014

Topics: China, People's Bank of China, United Kingdom, Bank of England, Chinese renminbi (RMB)

MAS to offer overnight renminbi liquidity

Central Banking | 16 Jun 2014

Topics: People's Bank of China, The Monetary Authority of Singapore, China, Singapore

PBoC aims to galvanise lending by cutting reserve ratio for small banks

Central Banking | 10 Jun 2014

Topics: People's Bank of China, China

US overtakes Taiwan as offshore RMB clearing centre

Central Banking | 03 Jun 2014

Topics: Chinese renminbi (RMB), United States, China, Taiwan

PBoC launches $2 billion Africa investment fund

Central Banking | 23 May 2014

Topics: China, People's Bank of China, Africa

PBoC favours London as offshore RMB hub, says leading Chinese banker

Central Banking | 21 May 2014

Topics: City of London, Chinese renminbi (RMB), China, People's Bank of China, Bank of England

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