HKMA executive director joins IMF's monetary and capital markets department

Central Banking | 01 Sep 2014

Dong He, HKMA head of research, new second-in-command at IMF division in charge of monitoring central banks and preparing Fund's Global financial stability report

Topics: HKMA, IMF, China, Norman Chan


Global financial system's future hinges on China's willingness to accept emerging India

Central Banking | 29 Aug 2014

Topics: China, India, Emerging markets, Bretton Woods, Financial crisis

China joins Indian calls for better taper co-ordination

Central Banking | 28 Aug 2014

Topics: China, People's Bank of China, Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, Bank for International Settlements, Macro-prudential regulation

IMF paper finds Latam growth likely to slow even if commodity prices remain elevated

Central Banking | 15 Aug 2014

Topics: IMF, Emerging markets, China

Book notes: The Dollar Trap, by Eswar S Prasad

Central Banking Journal | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: Financial crisis, Bretton Woods, Gold Standard, IMF, Brics, China, Federal Reserve, Dollar

IMF charts path towards PBoC policy rate

Central Banking | 01 Aug 2014

Topics: China, People's Bank of China, Interest rates, IMF

Chiang Mai Initiative doubled in size to $240 billion

Central Banking | 17 Jul 2014

Topics: Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization, China, Japan, Korea, South

Brics nations launch development bank and reserve fund

Central Banking | 16 Jul 2014

Topics: Brazil, Russian Federation, India, China, South Africa

Price competitiveness strong in the US but weak in China, Bundesbank paper finds

Central Banking | 04 Jul 2014

Topics: Bundesbank, Deutsche Bundesbank, United States, China, Exchange rate

Chinese banks freed to set own RMB-dollar exchange rate

Central Banking | 03 Jul 2014

Topics: Exchange rate, China, Central Bank of China, People's Bank of China, Chinese renminbi (RMB)

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