Bank of Spain

Linde says ECB’s stimulus package is ‘ambitious’

Central Banking | 28 Jan 2015

Luis Linde, governor of the Bank of Spain, estimates the European Central Bank will buy €100 billion of Spanish government debt under its new asset purchase programme

Topics: Bank of Spain, Spain, ECB, quantitative easing

Luis M Linde

People: Bulgarian deputy dismissed by parliament; HKMA appoints director

Central Banking | 26 Jan 2015

Topics: Bulgarian National Bank, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Bank of Russia, Bank of Spain

People: Fritz Zurbrügg appointed as SNB vice-chair; Vanoli gets nod from Argentine senate

Central Banking | 19 Dec 2014

Topics: Swiss National Bank, Czech National Bank, National Bank of Rwanda, Central Bank of Argentina, Bank of Spain, Bank of Italy, European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB)

Impact of flight to liquidity on bonds important for policy-makers, study finds

Central Banking | 12 Dec 2014

Topics: Bank of Spain, Spain

Linde fears ‘revival’ of debt sustainability concerns

Central Banking | 11 Dec 2014

Topics: Bank of Spain, Spain, Sovereign debt

Healthy domestic variables can smooth rating downgrades, paper finds

Central Banking | 10 Dec 2014

Topics: Bank of Spain, Spain, Ratings

Spanish working paper explores inflation dynamics

Central Banking | 05 Dec 2014

Topics: Spain, Bank of Spain, Inflation

Spain looks to create $7.5 billion resolution fund

Central Banking | 01 Dec 2014

Topics: Bank of Spain, Spain

Linde says Bank of Spain retains ‘important role’ in SSM

Central Banking | 26 Nov 2014

Topics: Bank of Spain, Luis Linde, Single supervisory mechanism

Productivity gains in the banking industry affect interest rates, study finds

Central Banking | 29 Oct 2014

Topics: Bank of Spain, Spain, banks, Interest rates

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