Bank of Japan

BoJ’s Ishida homes in on private consumption

Central Banking | 29 Aug 2014

Policy board member says expectations of future income growth will have to increase if private consumption is to continue driving Japan’s economic recovery

Topics: Japan, Bank of Japan, Demand


Governors and deputies address labour market conundrums at Jackson Hole

Central Banking | 27 Aug 2014

Topics: Haruhiko Kuroda, Bank of Japan, Alexandre Tombini, Central Bank of Brazil, Ben Broadbent, Bank of England, Forward guidance, quantitative easing, Jackson Hole

Can central bankers live up to their role as the guardians of finance?

Central Banking Journal | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: Financial crisis, quantitative easing, IMF, Bank for International Settlements, ECB, Bank of Japan, Federal Reserve, Macro-prudential regulation

Bank of Japan expects inflation to remain short of target for ‘some time'

Central Banking | 08 Aug 2014

Topics: Bank of Japan, Japan, quantitative easing, Inflation

Shrinking BoJ balance sheet will take longer post-QQE than in 2006

Central Banking | 05 Aug 2014

Topics: Japan, Bank of Japan, quantitative easing

IMF endorses Japan's QQE despite slowing progress to 2% inflation target

Central Banking | 31 Jul 2014

Topics: Bank of Japan, Japan

Kuroda says ‘prompt action’ needed to address impact of demographic changes

Central Banking | 29 Jul 2014

Topics: Japan, Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda

Shirai calls for mechanisms to manage policy conflict

Central Banking | 23 Jul 2014

Topics: Bank of Japan, Macro-prudential regulation, monetary policy, Sayuri Shirai

BoJ board members fear structural problems behind sluggish exports

Central Banking | 21 Jul 2014

Topics: Japan, Bank of Japan, Exports

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: Start policy normalisation now!

Central Banking | 18 Jul 2014

Topics: Interest rates, quantitative easing, Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of England, Central bank mandates, Mark Carney

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