Central Banking Publications publishes a range of specialist books, directories and research studies for central bankers, financial market authorities and related professionals and practitioners. The publications focus on three main areas: central banking itself, financial regulation and supervision, and international finance, and speak to the practical and policy needs of the central banking community. They are regularly supported by sponsorship from industries working with central banks.

Recently published titles include How Countries Supervise their Banks, Insurers and Securities Markets 2013, Central Bank Directory 2013, RBS Reserve Management Trends 2013, Payment Systems: Design, Governance and Oversight, Sovereign Asset Management for a Post-Crisis World and The Future of Central Banking.

In 2013, Central Banking Publications will publish books on management, accountability, and Sovereign Investment. A full list of forthcoming books is available on request.

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Just published

How Countries Supervise their Banks, Insurers and Securities Markets 2013

Edited By Martina Horáková and Amy Jordan

How Countries Supervise their Banks, Insurers and Securities Markets 2013 is the only single source of contact details for key regulatory decision-makers in 187 jurisdictions.How Countries Supervise 2013

How Countries Supervise profiles the 340+ agencies responsible for supervising banks, insurance companies and securities firms around the world.

At a time of unprecedented change in the world of financial regulation and supervision, it provides up-to-date information on personnel and institutional changes - all available at your fingertips in a single volume.

How Countries Supervise their Banks, Insurers and Securities Markets 2013 provides key information about each regulatory agency: its history, its internal organisation and how it works with other regulators nationally and internationally.

The book equips you to:

•Make contact with key individuals: the 2013 edition lists contact details for over 4,000 senior regulatory staff around the world, enabling you to quickly identify and make contact with the decision-makers in any one of hundreds of agencies;
•Understand quickly legal mandates and responsibilities; the powers, responsibilities and functions of each agency are profiled concisely to allow you to quickly understand their work; and,
•Keep up-to-date with important changes: Researched and updated every year, you will find in the 2013 edition up-to-date information about important regulatory changes all around the world.

All available at your fingertips in a single volume.

Key features include:

•Details of governance, objectives and activities and the institutions authorised by each supervisory agency;
•Vital statistics, including a breakdown of central banks' regulatory responsibilities; and,
•International coverage.

The 2013 edition includes details to the key authorities in new regulatory structures as well as hard-to-contact jurisdictions.

Price: £250

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The Central Bank Directory 2013

Edited By Martina Horáková and Amy Jordan

Now in its 23rd year, The Central Bank Directory 2013, sponsored by Franklin Templeton Investments, is the only single source of detailed contact information for more than 4,500 senior central bankers and their institutions.cbp2013-3d

For anyone needing to do business with central banks or understand modern central banking, not to mention the central bankers themselves, a copy of the Directory is indispensable

The Central Bank Directory remains unchallenged as the only provider of comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information on all the central banks in a single manageable volume.

Individual entries feature a factual profile of each of the world's central banks, European national central banks and regional Federal Reserves as well as central banks' representative offices.

The Directory expertly guides the user through the changing world of central banking to enable them to go quickly to the information they require.

Each entry lists the decision-makers for key institutional functions such as risk management, reserve management, payment systems, financial stability, supervision, IT, legal risk, audit, communications and personnel.

For over two decades central bankers and those who work with them have depended on the Central Bank Directory as an unrivalled source of reliable information on the central banks. It is renowned for its accuracy and its usability.

Price: £245

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RBS Reserve Management Trends 2013

Edited By Robert Pringle and Nick Carver

Now in its ninth year, the only annual survey of central bank reserve managers provides candid insights into the thinking of official sector portfolio managers.Reserve Management Trends 2013

RBS Reserve Management Trends 2013 features an exclusive report of a survey of 60 central banks, responsible for more than $6.7 trillion in reserve assets, on their reaction to the global financial situation and how they view the key questions facing financial markets and the international monetary system.

As well as detailed analysis of the answers, all comments and observations volunteered by reserve managers are reproduced in full.

The book, published on April 8 2013, features chapters which cover topics including:

- The scarcity of global safe assets
- A framework for managing credit risk
- Strategic asset allocation: MBS at the Bank of Latvia, 2008 to date
- Reserve adequacy in an asset-liability framework

The book also features practitioner-focused chapters which draw on expert opinion and experience to allow central bankers to benchmark their policies against those of their peers.

Contributors include:

Nick Carver, Central Banking Publications
Fahad Alhumaidah, Reading University and formerly of Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
Raivo Vanags, Bank of Latvia
Marco Ruiz, Central Bank of Colombia
Gioia Cellai and Francesco Potente, Bank of Italy
Richard Barwell, RBS
Fritz Zurbrügg, Swiss National Bank

Key questions in the survey cover:

• How reserve manage strategies are changing in the wake of unorthodox monetary policies and low interest rate regimes
• How reserve managers are diversifying
• How reserve managers see equities and gold
• How reserve managers see the future of the euro
• Reserve managers' view on ‘new safe haven' currencies such as Swedish krona, Danish krone, Australian and Canadian dollars
• Reserve managers' view on more reserve currencies
• How reserve managers are changing the way they manage credit risk

Price: £240

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Payment Systems: Design, Governance and Oversight

Edited By Bruce J. Summers

At a time of unprecedented interest in financial market infrastructures and increasing recognition of their critical role from central bank governors, ministers of finance and executives in key market participants, Payment Systems: Design, Governance and Oversight will serve as a guide to the state of the art for public policy towards payment systems.Payment Systems

To produce this handbook for those who oversee, operate and use payment systems, editor Bruce J. Summers draws on his three decades of experience in payment systems at the Federal Reserve and as a consultant for the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and central banks and brings together authors with practical industry experience from around the world.

Price: £55

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