BoJ paper studies factors holding workers back from switching industries

Central Banking | 30 Sep 2014

Researchers find that differences in required tasks aggravate earnings gaps and encourage workers not to move, creating frictions in the Japanese labour market

Topics: Japan, Bank of Japan, Labour


Paper finds evidence of multiplier effect in food trade policy

Central Banking | 30 Sep 2014

Topics: IMF, trade, Food prices

Paper examines mismatch in Swedish job market

Central Banking | 26 Sep 2014

Topics: Riksbank, Sweden, Financial crisis

BIS paper unveils refined measure for Chinese inflation

Central Banking | 26 Sep 2014

Topics: Inflation, China, People's Bank of China, Bank for International Settlements

ECB’s Coeuré shifts focus to the quality of credit

Central Banking | 26 Sep 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, Benoît Cœuré, Bank of Slovenia, IMF

New York Fed blog to make DSGE forecasts public

Central Banking | 23 Sep 2014

Topics: New York, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE)

Latvian paper proposes refinement to definition of trade

Central Banking | 22 Sep 2014

Topics: trade, Bank of Latvia, China, Emerging markets

China could learn from Australia's financial reform, RBA paper finds

Central Banking | 12 Sep 2014

Topics: Australia, Reserve Bank of Australia

Dutch economists recommend using social media as confidence indicator

Central Banking | 10 Sep 2014

Topics: Netherlands, European Central Bank

Dallas Fed president praises India PM Modi

Central Banking | 05 Sep 2014

Topics: Richard Fisher, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, India, Unemployment

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