Debt management

Lagarde lauds new Mexican bonds with ‘strengthened' collective action clauses

Central Banking | 20 Nov 2014

Mexico issued $2 billion in 10-year bonds with new collective action clauses, which Lagarde says ‘will play a critical role in enhancing the architecture for sovereign debt markets’

Topics: IMF, Mexico, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Bonds, Argentina


BIS paper proposes defence against market panics

Central Banking | 10 Oct 2014

Topics: Bank for International Settlements, Sovereign debt, Interest rates

IMF calls for ‘modified pari passu clauses’ in new international sovereign bonds

Central Banking | 08 Oct 2014

Topics: IMF, Sovereign debt, Argentina

Bank of Lithuania invests $100 million into Chinese capital markets

Central Banking | 06 Oct 2014

Topics: Bank of Lithuania, Lithuania, China, Reserves

Balance sheet saw ‘substantial’ growth in past year, says RBA’s Stevens

Central Banking | 02 Oct 2014

Topics: Reserve Bank of Australia, Australia, Glenn Stevens, Reserves, payments

Summers calls on Fed and US Treasury to 'fully' coordinate debt management

Central Banking | 30 Sep 2014

Topics: Federal reserve, US Treasury, Sovereign debt

Supreme Court clears Central Bank of Sri Lanka over Greek investment

Central Banking | 29 Sep 2014

Topics: Sri Lanka, Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Bonds, Sovereign debt, Greece

EM East Asian bond success could be undermined by ‘tighter liquidity’

Central Banking | 23 Sep 2014

Topics: Asian Development Bank, Asia, Federal reserve, Bonds

Bank rules and their impact on inequality

Central Banking Journal | 22 Sep 2014

Topics: United States, China, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Mortgage-backed securities, Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, United Kingdom

IMF paper says long-term debt creates ‘incentive to default’

Central Banking | 15 Sep 2014

Topics: IMF, Sovereign debt

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