Subject: Turkey’s economic odyssey: inflation, lira decline and strategic shifts

Turkey’s economic odyssey: inflation, lira decline and strategic shifts
Marcello Minenna delves into the damage of 20 years of ‘Erdoganomics’
 11 Jul 2024   |  Opinion
Operating framework
How to cut the interest cost of bank reserves – and how not to do it
William Allen says setting required reserves is not a straightforward decision for the Bank of England
13 Jun 2024   |  Opinion
Monetary Policy
BoJ hawkishness due to weak yen belies wage inflation concerns
The contrast in Japan-US economic, price and wage performance and their implications for monetary policies
12 Jun 2024   |  Opinion
Operating framework
Are low-level inflation targets still fit for purpose?
Geostrategic shifts make the case for a narrow price target less compelling
03 Jun 2024   |  Opinion
Artificial intelligence: key questions for financial supervisors
Manoj Singh outlines what supervisors need to be asking as they learn to interrogate machines
29 May 2024   |  Opinion
Getting Chiang Mai right
Asia’s emergency infrastructure is on the right track, but there is still room for improvement
27 May 2024   |  Opinion
Profit inflation and monetary policy: weighing the evidence
Biagio Bossone says profit inflation needs monetary ‘fuel’ to rise – but fiscal policy is the best fix, should governments have the ‘guts’
20 May 2024   |  Opinion
Maximising the impact of banknote communications
Antti Heinonen highlights the ongoing evolution in how central banks talk about their banknotes
16 Apr 2024   |  Opinion
Economic modelling
Taking stock of Bernanke: the original sin of forecasting
Jagjit Chadha says the Bernanke review should be the start of more profound discussion at the BoE
15 Apr 2024   |  Opinion
Monetary Policy
Fixing forecasting at the Bank of England
NIESR’s Stephen Millard makes the case for three key changes to the BoE’s forecasting
10 Apr 2024   |  Opinion
When competitors become partners: paradoxes of ‘open banking’
Manoj Singh says the rise of open banking may sit uneasily with the complexity of platform banking
22 Mar 2024   |  Opinion


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