Review/Monetary policy

Book notes: Deliberating American Monetary Policy, by Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey

Central Banking Journal | 11 Aug 2014

Using recordings of meetings of not only the FOMC but also of the House Financial Services Committee and the Senate Banking Committee, the book tries to understand how monetary policy is decided

Topics: Federal Reserve, monetary policy, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Paul Volcker


Book notes: The Alchemists: Three Central Bankers and a World on Fire

Central Banking Journal | 17 Feb 2014

Topics: Economics, Financial crisis, Ben Bernanke, Jean-Claude Trichet, Mervyn King

Book notes: The Road to Recovery: How and Why Economic Policy Must Change

Central Banking Journal | 17 Feb 2014

Topics: Financial crisis

Book notes: The Unloved Dollar Standard from Bretton Woods to the Rise of China

Central Banking Journal | 12 Aug 2013

Topics: United States, Bretton Woods, Dollar, China

Booknotes: Making the European Monetary Union

Central Banking Journal | 28 Feb 2013

Topics: euro, European Union (EU), Exchange rate

Book notes: Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics

Central Banking Journal | 13 Dec 2012

Topics: Freidrich Hayek, United States

Book notes: Economic Forecasting and Policy

Central Banking Journal | 11 Nov 2011

Topics: monetary policy

Fuddy-duddyism without money

Central Banking Journal | 23 Nov 2010

Topics: Bank of England, UK Treasury

Review of The Keynes Solution: The Path to Global Economic Prosperity

Central Banking Journal | 17 May 2010

Topics: Keynesian

Review of Monetary Policy, Inflation, and the Business Cycle: an Introduction to the New Keynesian Framework

Central Banking Journal | 04 Aug 2008

Topics: Inflation, Interest rates

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