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Constâncio wants to ‘broaden’ European macro-prudential toolkit

Central Banking | 26 Nov 2014

ECB vice-president wants a broader macro-prudential toolkit to help smooth the financial cycle, including new instruments for the shadow banking sector

Topics: European Central Bank, Vitor Constancio, Macro-prudential regulation, Shadow banking


Bank of Portugal gets new powers to assess bank directors

Central Banking | 26 Nov 2014

Topics: Bank of Portugal, Portugal, European Union (EU), banks

Bundesbank explores macro-prudential framework

Central Banking | 25 Nov 2014

Topics: Deutsche Bundesbank, Macro-prudential regulation

CGFS pushes central banks to prepare market-making crisis measures

Central Banking | 24 Nov 2014

Topics: Bank for International Settlements, Liquidity, Financial crisis

Basel rate-risk project sets up scrap over deposit models

Central Banking | 21 Nov 2014

Topics: Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Basel III

Dudley endures grilling on Goldman tapes

Central Banking | 21 Nov 2014

Topics: William Dudley, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Goldman Sachs, Santander

Draghi sets sights on capital markets at SSM inauguration

Central Banking | 20 Nov 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, Single supervisory mechanism, Mario Draghi, Danièle Nouy

Eurasian central bank cooperation taken up a notch

Central Banking | 18 Nov 2014

Topics: Bank of Russia, National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, National Bank of Kazakhstan, Central Bank of Armenia, National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

Mauritian governor predicts banking overhaul by 2035

Central Banking | 18 Nov 2014

Topics: Bank of Mauritius, Rundheersing Bheenick, Mauritius

G-20 summit delivers agreement on TLAC

Central Banking | 17 Nov 2014

Topics: G-20, Mark Carney, debt

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