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Bank of Ghana admits monetising government debt

Central Banking | 12 Jun 2014

Central bank offers relief as investor flight drives sovereign bond yields to spike; ‘printing money to finance the deficit' will cause inflation and currency depreciation, Fitch warns

Topics: Bank of Ghana, Ghana, Inflation, Bonds


EU sovereign debt managers fall in line with two-day settlement rule

Central Banking | 20 May 2014

Topics: European Union (EU), Over-the-counter derivatives, Sovereign debt

Anti-capitalist group claims responsibility for Bank of Greece bombing

Central Banking | 28 Apr 2014

Topics: Bank of Greece, Greece, Angela Merkel

Frontier bonds find buyers as investors reach for yield

Central Banking | 17 Apr 2014

Topics: Pakistan, Palestine, Greece, Sovereign debt, Bonds

HKMA and Bank Negara Malaysia combine to promote sukuk market

Central Banking | 14 Apr 2014

Topics: Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Bank Negara Malaysia, Islamic finance

Ukraine wins EU rescue package as finance ministry threatens debt restructure

Central Banking | 05 Mar 2014

Topics: Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, European Commission, IMF, United States

German debt office poised to collateralise swaps

Central Banking | 11 Feb 2014

Topics: Germany, collateral

Zimbabwe central bank aims to regain LORL and rate-setting powers

Central Banking | 03 Feb 2014

Topics: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Lender of last resort, Interest rates

Central Bank of Venezuela seen in debt reshuffle

Central Banking | 14 Jan 2014

Topics: Central Bank of Venezuela, Venezuela, Debt

Central Bank of Iceland to offload Kaupthing bonds acquired in the crisis

Central Banking | 19 Dec 2013

Topics: Central Bank of Iceland, Iceland, Bonds, Financial crisis

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