Troika praises Ireland for ‘steadfast’ adherence to programme

Central Banking | 26 Oct 2012 secure

Conclusion of eighth programme review says Ireland likely to meet deficit target this year; Portugal by contrast facing ‘strong headwinds’ to fiscal adjustment with 2012 targets beyond reach

Topics: IMF, ECB, Ireland, Portugal, Sovereign debt


Eurogroup boosts emergency funding facility

Central Banking | 30 Mar 2012 secure

Topics: euro, Eurozone, Greece, bailout, Ireland, Portugal, European Financial Stability Facility

ECB allows eurozone central banks to veto collateral

Central Banking | 26 Mar 2012 secure

Topics: European Central Bank, Greece, Bonds, Sovereign debt, Germany, Bundesbank, Portugal, Ireland, Mario Draghi, Jens Weidmann, Financial crisis

Bank of Portugal paper explores optimal capital structure for businesses

Central Banking | 26 Mar 2012 secure

Topics: Portugal, Banco de Portugal, Debt

Philippines reveals extent of lending to IMF

Central Banking | 23 Feb 2012 secure

Topics: Philippines, Central Bank of the Philippines, IMF, bailout, Financial crisis, Greece, Ireland, Portugal

Bank of Portugal paper revisits asset pricing with a bank risk factor

Central Banking | 21 Feb 2012 secure

Topics: Portugal, Banco de Portugal, Asset prices

Moody’s alters sovereign debt ratings of nine EU countries

Central Banking | 14 Feb 2012 secure

Topics: Moody's, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Spain, Italy, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Ratings, Ratings agencies

US housing prices strongly influenced by news, says Bank of Portugal paper

Central Banking | 24 Jan 2012 secure

Topics: Portugal, United States, House prices

Bank of Portugal paper studies public-private sector wage gaps

Central Banking | 11 Jan 2012 secure

Topics: Portugal, Banco de Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Spain

Yields soar as Portugal is downgraded

Central Banking | 24 Nov 2011 secure

Topics: Portugal, Fitch

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