Portuguese paper presents macroeconomic model for small economies

Central Banking | 25 Oct 2013

Researchers at the Bank of Portugal detail the features and applications of the Portuguese Economy Structural Small Open Analytical (Pessoa) model, which they say is useful for small economies in monetary union

Topics: Portugal, Banco de Portugal


Demand for Bank of Portugal online stats grew 51% in 2012

Central Banking | 04 Oct 2013

Topics: Portugal, Banco de Portugal

Portuguese paper questions efficacy of fiscal policy at zero lower bound

Central Banking | 03 Jul 2013

Topics: Portugal, Banco de Portugal, Interest rates

Portuguese central bank says austerity has hit long-term economic potential

Central Banking | 16 May 2013

Topics: Portugal, Banco de Portugal, Unemployment

Bundesbank research says sovereign default can be the best option

Central Banking | 15 Apr 2013

Topics: Deutsche Bundesbank, Sovereign debt, Portugal

Portugal must strengthen institutions to attract foreign direct investment - working paper

Central Banking | 28 Mar 2013

Topics: Banco de Portugal, Portugal

Bank of Portugal distances itself from anti-trust investigation

Central Banking | 08 Mar 2013

Topics: Portugal, Banco de Portugal

IMF sees southern European free-fall begin to slow

Central Banking | 18 Jan 2013

Topics: IMF, Portugal, Greece, Sovereign debt, growth

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: Cameron’s high-risk European gamble

Central Banking | 16 Jan 2013

Topics: United States, Bank of England, United Kingdom, Germany, Mervyn King, Spain, Greece, Portugal, European Union (EU)

Portugal's Costa demands greater European co-ordination

Central Banking | 10 Jan 2013

Topics: Portugal, Banco de Portugal, euro, Europe

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