National Bank of Ukraine

Ukrainian deputy director says economy is ‘enjoying’ deflation

Central Banking | 19 Feb 2013

Oleksandr Arseniuk says ‘low inflation environment’ – with CPI at -0.2% in January – is benefiting the Ukrainian economy

Topics: Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, Deflation, Credit conditions

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People: New deputies for New Zealand and Ukraine central banks

Central Banking | 12 Feb 2013

Topics: Reserve Bank of New Zealand, National Bank of Ukraine, South African Reserve Bank

Ukraine replaces central bank head with deputy

Central Banking | 11 Jan 2013

Topics: National Bank of Ukraine, Ukraine, IMF

Ukraine issues US dollar bonds aimed at retail investors

Central Banking | 11 Oct 2012

Topics: Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, Bonds

Ukraine selects new economic department director

Central Banking | 20 Sep 2012

Topics: United States, National Bank of Ukraine, Ukraine, Sergiy Arbuzov

National Bank of Ukraine's Sergei Arbuzov on economic development

Central Banking Journal | 24 Aug 2012

Topics: National Bank of Ukraine, Ukraine, Sergei Arbuzov

Central banks make “record” gold purchases in Q2

Central Banking | 16 Aug 2012

Topics: Gold, Reserves, Kazakhstan, Central Bank of the Philippines, National Bank of Ukraine, Guatemala, Serbia, Kyrgyz Republic

National Bank of Ukraine figures show end of deflationary period

Central Banking | 13 Aug 2012

Topics: Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, Inflation, Consumer price index (CPI), Deflation

Ukrainians encouraged to hold savings in national currency

Central Banking | 30 Jul 2012

Topics: Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, Dollar, euro

Strict foreign exchange rules set to stay in Ukraine, says governor

Central Banking | 09 Jul 2012

Topics: National Bank of Ukraine, Ukraine, Exchange rate, Sergei Arbuzov

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