Interest rates

Draghi explains extraordinary policy measures

Central Banking | 15 Dec 2011

ECB president sets out the reasons behind governing council’s decision to cut the benchmark interest rate and introduce three measures to support bank lending and liquidity in the eurozone

Topics: Mario Draghi, ECB, Interest rates, European Council (EC)


Fed holds fire amid European chaos

Central Banking | 14 Dec 2011

Topics: Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, Interest rates

European uncertainty reflected in central bank decisions worldwide

Central Banking | 09 Dec 2011

Topics: Europe, Interest rates, growth, United Kingdom, Asia, Austria, Germany, Korea, South, Poland, Australia

Sluggish growth outlook forces ECB to take drastic action

Central Banking | 08 Dec 2011

Topics: ECB, Mario Draghi, Interest rates, growth

ECB paper tests eurozone balance sheet transmission mechanism

Central Banking | 05 Dec 2011

Topics: ECB, European Central Bank, Interest rates, Balance sheet

Thailand and China ease monetary policy

Central Banking | 30 Nov 2011

Topics: Bank of Thailand, China, People's Bank of China, Interest rates, Reserves, banks, Credit easing, Thailand

Interest rate pass-through in Ghana protracted: IMF paper

Central Banking | 24 Nov 2011

Topics: Bank of Ghana, IMF, Interest rates, monetary policy

Accommodative policies risk triggering interest rate traps: Norges Bank paper

Central Banking | 22 Nov 2011

Topics: Norges Bank, Systemic risk, Interest rates

Interest rate growth differentials matter for debt sustainability: IMF paper

Central Banking | 14 Nov 2011

Topics: IMF, Interest rates, growth

Draghi announces rate cut amid fears of mild recession

Central Banking | 03 Nov 2011

Topics: ECB, European Central Bank, Interest rates, GDP

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