Interest rates

ECB and BoE join other countries in rates hold

Central Banking | 12 Jan 2012

European Central Bank and Bank of England join the National Bank of Poland and Bank Indonesia in leaving interest rates on hold; ECB president welcomes U-turn on Greece private sector involvement

Topics: European Central Bank, Bank of England, National Bank of Poland, Bank Indonesia, ECB, National Bank of Hungary, Greece, Inflation, GDP, Mario Draghi, Interest rates

ECB governing council

IMF paper measures the natural rate of interest

Central Banking | 12 Jan 2012

Topics: IMF, Interest rates, Inflation, Broad money, monetary policy, Output gap

Bank of Israel report highlights policy split on rate-setting body

Central Banking | 11 Jan 2012

Topics: Bank of Israel, Israel, monetary policy, growth, Interest rates

Albania approves monetary policy strategy for 2012-2014

Central Banking | 06 Jan 2012

Topics: Albania, Bank of Albania, Inflation, Inflation targeting, Interest rates

BIS paper examines sustainability of pension schemes

Central Banking | 04 Jan 2012

Topics: Bank for International Settlements, Interest rates

BIS paper warns of risks from long-term interest rate volatility

Central Banking | 21 Dec 2011

Topics: Bank for International Settlements, Interest rates, GDP

Draghi explains extraordinary policy measures

Central Banking | 15 Dec 2011

Topics: Mario Draghi, ECB, Interest rates, European Council (EC)

Fed holds fire amid European chaos

Central Banking | 14 Dec 2011

Topics: Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, Interest rates

European uncertainty reflected in central bank decisions worldwide

Central Banking | 09 Dec 2011

Topics: Europe, Interest rates, growth, United Kingdom, Asia, Austria, Germany, Korea, South, Poland, Australia

Sluggish growth outlook forces ECB to take drastic action

Central Banking | 08 Dec 2011

Topics: ECB, Mario Draghi, Interest rates, growth

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