Interest rates

IMF paper incorporates financial sector risk in monetary policy models

Central Banking | 03 Oct 2011

Fund study examines risks of including financial stability indicators in monetary policy reaction models

Topics: monetary policy, IMF, Inflation, Interest rates


San Francisco Fed paper identifies strong QE signalling channel

Central Banking | 20 Sep 2011

Topics: Federal Reserve, San Francisco, US Treasury, Interest rates, quantitative easing

Mauritius to investigate interest rate ranking

Central Banking | 19 Sep 2011

Topics: Interest rates, Mauritius, Bank of Mauritius

Bank of Israel narrow forum backs rate hold

Central Banking | 12 Sep 2011

Topics: Bank of Israel, Israel, monetary policy, Interest rates

OECD asks central banks to hold rates

Central Banking | 08 Sep 2011

Topics: OECD, United States, Germany, ECB, Interest rates

Riksbank postpones rate hike on weaker global outlook

Central Banking | 07 Sep 2011

Topics: Riksbank, Sweden, Interest rates

NY Fed paper observes pre-FOMC meeting equity drift

Central Banking | 06 Sep 2011

Topics: Federal Reserve, New York, Interest rates

Expectations matter for interest rates: Norway’s Olsen

Central Banking | 06 Sep 2011

Topics: Norges Bank, Interest rates, monetary policy

Brazil cuts benchmark rate in surprise move

Central Banking | 01 Sep 2011

Topics: Brazil, Central Bank of Brazil, Interest rates, Alexandre Tombini

Botswana publishes mid-term review of the 2011 Monetary Policy Statement

Central Banking | 31 Aug 2011

Topics: Bank of Botswana, Botswana, Inflation, Interest rates

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