Interest rates

IMF funding aids Sri Lanka in building reserves

Central Banking | 03 Apr 2012

Central Bank of Sri Lanka notes role IMF loans have played in helping build reserves in the country; latest tranche received on April 2

Topics: Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, IMF, Interest rates, Special drawing right (SDR)


Fed’s Plosser cautions against aggressive monetary policy loosening

Central Banking | 30 Mar 2012

Topics: Federal reserve, United States, monetary policy, Financial crisis, Interest rates, Charles Plosser

King sets out loose monetary policy exit plan

Central Banking | 28 Mar 2012

Topics: Mervyn King, Bank of England, Financial crisis, quantitative easing, monetary policy, Interest rates

Norway's Olsen discusses factors that shape interest rate policy

Central Banking | 28 Mar 2012

Topics: Inflation targeting, Central Bank of Norway, Norway, Inflation, Interest rates

Norway lowers benchmark rate again

Central Banking | 14 Mar 2012

Topics: Norway, Norges Bank, Interest rates, growth, Inflation

Central Bank of Colombia minutes reveal dispute

Central Banking | 09 Mar 2012

Topics: Central Bank of Colombia, Colombia, Interest rates

Australia leaves benchmark rate unchanged again

Central Banking | 06 Mar 2012

Topics: Australia, Reserve Bank of Australia, Interest rates, Consumer price index (CPI), Inflation

IMF research analyses Brazil's high interest rates

Central Banking | 02 Mar 2012

Topics: IMF, Interest rates, Emerging markets, Brazil

Raskin echoes Bernanke in discussing ‘modest’ recovery

Central Banking | 01 Mar 2012

Topics: Federal reserve, Interest rates, Financial crisis, growth

Bank of Canada working paper investigates market movers

Central Banking | 01 Mar 2012

Topics: Bank of Canada, Canada, Financial crisis, Interest rates, Inflation, Oil

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