Interest rates

Central Bank of Iceland paper highlights limitations of inflation indexed bonds

Central Banking | 03 Feb 2012

Central Bank of Iceland study shows inflation index-linked bonds in US, UK and Iceland are unreliable measures of the real interest rate

Topics: Iceland, Central Bank of Iceland, Inflation, Interest rates, United Kingdom, United States


Fischer calls Israeli economy a ‘miracle’

Central Banking | 03 Feb 2012

Topics: Israel, Bank of Israel, Fischer, Interest rates, Emerging markets

Plosser bemoans 'confusion' over Fed communications

Central Banking | 02 Feb 2012

Topics: Charles Plosser, Philadelphia, Federal reserve, monetary policy, Interest rates, communication

Colombia's Uribe explains why he is still raising rates

Central Banking | 01 Feb 2012

Topics: Colombia, Interest rates, Central Bank of Colombia, Banco Central do Brasil, Central Bank of Chile, José Darío Uribe

Bangladesh Bank calls on government to borrow less

Central Banking | 26 Jan 2012

Topics: Bangladesh, The Bangladesh Bank, Inflation, growth, Interest rates, Atiur Rahman

Thailand blames floods and ‘likely’ eurozone recession for rate cut

Central Banking | 25 Jan 2012

Topics: Bank of Thailand, Thailand, Interest rates, Eurozone, Recession, Asia

Fed reveals design of new interest rate projections

Central Banking | 23 Jan 2012

Topics: Federal reserve, Interest rates, James Bullard, Inflation targeting, monetary policy, Inflation

ECB and BoE join other countries in rates hold

Central Banking | 12 Jan 2012

Topics: European Central Bank, Bank of England, National Bank of Poland, Bank Indonesia, ECB, National Bank of Hungary, Greece, Inflation, GDP, Mario Draghi, Interest rates

IMF paper measures the natural rate of interest

Central Banking | 12 Jan 2012

Topics: IMF, Interest rates, Inflation, Broad money, monetary policy, Output gap

Bank of Israel report highlights policy split on rate-setting body

Central Banking | 11 Jan 2012

Topics: Bank of Israel, Israel, monetary policy, growth, Interest rates

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