German debt office poised to collateralise swaps

Central Banking | 11 Feb 2014

Pending 2014 budget would allow Finanzagentur to post up to €8 billion in collateral

Topics: Germany, collateral


Dutch paper finds Germans ‘substantially more cash oriented’ than other nationalities

Central Banking | 15 Jan 2014

Topics: Germany, payments, cash, Netherlands Bank

Bundesbank paper finds benefits in concentrated bank lending

Central Banking | 13 Jan 2014

Topics: Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany, Credit conditions

ECB's Cœuré says euro members 'not strong enough to survive on their own'

Central Banking | 06 Dec 2013

Topics: Benoît Cœuré, ECB, Eurozone, Banking union, Germany

Bundesbank’s Dombret defends Germany’s current account surplus

Central Banking | 25 Nov 2013

Topics: Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank, Eurozone

Bundesbank warns on ‘moral hazard' from low interest rate environment

Central Banking | 14 Nov 2013

Topics: Eurozone, Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany

ECB says no treaty change needed for SRM

Central Banking | 08 Nov 2013

Topics: ECB, Germany, Resolution, Jörg Asmussen

Fall in OECD inflation highlights advanced economy monetary policy dilemmas

Central Banking | 06 Nov 2013

Topics: Eurozone, United States, Federal reserve, ECB, Inflation, Germany, Inflation targeting, quantitative easing

IMF's Lipton says Germany faces grave risks from global 'mismanagement'

Central Banking | 01 Nov 2013

Topics: IMF, Germany, Eurozone, Financial crisis

German researchers present indicator of interbank market stress

Central Banking | 28 Oct 2013

Topics: Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank, Eurosystem, Liquidity

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