Federal Reserve

Fed orders banks to break open black boxes

Central Banking | 19 Aug 2014

Vendor models need to be properly validated for 2015 stress tests, Fed insists – but banks say they are finding it hard to get the required information

Topics: Federal Reserve

federal reserve

Central banks need significant discretion to make swap lines work, says ECB

Central Banking | 14 Aug 2014

Topics: Liquidity, Funding, European Central Bank, Federal Reserve

Stanley Fischer upbeat on US productivity potential

Central Banking | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: Stanley Fischer, Sweden, Federal Reserve, Financial crisis

Book notes: The Dollar Trap, by Eswar S Prasad

Central Banking Journal | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: Financial crisis, Bretton Woods, Gold Standard, IMF, Brics, China, Federal Reserve, Dollar

Twenty-five defining moments

Central Banking Journal | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: Germany, Maastricht criteria, Federal Reserve, Zimbabwe, Bank of England, Glass-Steagall Act, ECB, Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems (CPSS), Mark Carney

Can central bankers live up to their role as the guardians of finance?

Central Banking Journal | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: Financial crisis, quantitative easing, IMF, Bank for International Settlements, ECB, Bank of Japan, Federal Reserve, Macro-prudential regulation

Book notes: Deliberating American Monetary Policy, by Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey

Central Banking Journal | 11 Aug 2014

Topics: Federal Reserve, monetary policy, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Paul Volcker

Emerging market governors favour Fed policy normalisation, says MAS’ Menon

Central Banking | 10 Aug 2014

Topics: Federal Reserve, The Monetary Authority of Singapore, Basel III, Over-the-counter derivatives, Ravi Menon

Fed survey says 40% of US households still struggling to make ends meet

Central Banking | 08 Aug 2014

Topics: Janet Yellen, United States, Federal Reserve, communication

Agustín Carstens on Fed policy, shadow banking and Mexico's economic strengths

Central Banking Journal | 08 Aug 2014

Topics: Bank of Mexico, Mexico, Agustin Carstens, Federal Reserve, G-20, Shadow banking, IMF

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