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Perceptions of monetary policy determine long-term bond yields, IMF paper finds

Central Banking | 16 Sep 2014

Rise in yields following Federal Reserve ‘taper talk' in 2013 is due to monetary policy shock; communications should place less focus on explaining adjustment triggers

Topics: IMF, Federal Reserve, communication


The viability of a commercial approach to central bank communication

Central Banking Journal | 16 Sep 2014

Topics: communication, European Central Bank, Federal Reserve, Forward guidance, Mario Draghi, Mervyn King, Bank of England

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: A qualified case for Scottish independence

Central Banking | 16 Sep 2014

Topics: Bank of England, IMF, sterling, euro, ECB, Federal Reserve

Philadelphia Fed's Plosser fears ‘risky' FOMC strategy on interest rates

Central Banking | 09 Sep 2014

Topics: Charles Plosser, Philadelphia, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Forward guidance, Federal Reserve

Final liquidity rules issued for biggest US banks

Central Banking | 04 Sep 2014

Topics: Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Liquidity, Basel III, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, United States, Janet Yellen, Daniel Tarullo

ECB paper finds the Fed ‘well-served’ by its stress index

Central Banking | 02 Sep 2014

Topics: Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Macro-economics

Powell: Fed will ‘make sure’ swap market can ditch Libor

Central Banking | 29 Aug 2014

Topics: Federal Reserve, Financial Stability Board (FSB), Derivatives

Yellen says rate hike ‘could come sooner than currently expected'

Central Banking | 24 Aug 2014

Topics: Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), United States, Jackson Hole, Forward guidance

FOMC members ‘increasingly uncomfortable' with Fed's forward guidance

Central Banking | 21 Aug 2014

Topics: Janet Yellen, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Federal Reserve, Forward guidance, United States, Jackson Hole

Fed orders banks to break open black boxes

Central Banking | 19 Aug 2014

Topics: Federal Reserve

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Is forward guidance a viable long-term communications tool for central banks?