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People: William English switches Fed roles; Argentina central bank adds new senior staff

Central Banking | 09 Oct 2014

William English will step down as director of the Fed board’s division of monetary affairs, but will remain as adviser; Central Bank of Argentina gets new director and general manager

Topics: Federal reserve, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Central Bank of Argentina

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Thailand’s central bank governor warns on risks of US rates normalisation

Central Banking | 09 Oct 2014

Topics: Bank of Thailand, Federal reserve, Interest rates

Summers calls on Fed and US Treasury to 'fully' coordinate debt management

Central Banking | 30 Sep 2014

Topics: Federal reserve, US Treasury, Sovereign debt

Trinidad central bank hikes rates in response to Fed forward guidance

Central Banking | 29 Sep 2014

Topics: Trinidad and Tobago, quantitative easing, Emerging markets, Federal reserve

Fed normalisation could have ‘significant impact' north of the border, Canada deputy warns

Central Banking | 25 Sep 2014

Topics: Federal reserve, Charles Evans, Bank of Canada, quantitative easing

Kocherlakota suggests two-year timetable on 2% target

Central Banking | 24 Sep 2014

Topics: Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Federal reserve, Inflation, Narayana Kocherlakota

EM East Asian bond success could be undermined by ‘tighter liquidity’

Central Banking | 23 Sep 2014

Topics: Asian Development Bank, Asia, Federal reserve, Bonds

Philadelphia Fed president Charles Plosser to retire

Central Banking | 22 Sep 2014

Topics: Charles Plosser, Philadelphia, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Janet Yellen, Federal reserve

Yellen: Unexpected $400 expense would put majority of US households in financial bind

Central Banking | 19 Sep 2014

Topics: Janet Yellen, Financial inclusion, Financial crisis, Federal reserve, United States

Debit card fraud losses rise 13.1% in two years in the US, report shows

Central Banking | 19 Sep 2014

Topics: Federal reserve, Debit Cards, United States

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