QE for infrastructure investment could be ECB's alternative to ‘pushing on a string'

Central Banking | 16 May 2014

As the ECB continues to struggle to boost lending in the eurozone periphery, a leading Greek academic is proposing it channels QE through the European Investment Bank

Topics: European Central Bank, ECB, quantitative easing, Eurozone

European Central Bank at night

Lithuania may squeeze past eurozone’s asymmetric convergence criteria

Central Banking | 16 May 2014

Topics: Lithuania, Bank of Lithuania, Eurozone

Constâncio calls for centralised deposit insurance scheme

Central Banking | 12 May 2014

Topics: Vitor Constancio, European Central Bank, Deposit insurance, Eurozone

Big eurozone economies dragged each other down during eurozone crisis

Central Banking | 06 May 2014

Topics: Eurozone, Financial crisis, Sovereign debt, credit default swaps, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece

Poland still has euro doubts after decade in EU

Central Banking | 01 May 2014

Topics: Poland, National Bank of Poland, Eurozone, euro

Structural reforms could get eurozone out of recession, paper shows

Central Banking | 29 Apr 2014

Topics: Eurozone, Banco de Portugal

ECB paper finds eurozone inflation better anchored than US

Central Banking | 28 Apr 2014

Topics: ECB, European Central Bank, Eurozone, United States

Financial markets still fragmented, say ECB and Commission

Central Banking | 28 Apr 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, Eurozone

Constancio hails Banking Union's ‘remarkable sharing of sovereignty'

Central Banking | 24 Apr 2014

Topics: Vitor Constancio, ECB, Single supervisory mechanism, Resolution, Eurozone

Bonnici says Malta's economy weathering European storm

Central Banking | 17 Apr 2014

Topics: Malta, Josef Bonnici, Eurozone

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