European Council (EC)

Greek debt value halved after marathon EU discussions

Central Banking | 27 Oct 2011

New Europe crisis resolution deal brokered overnight in Belgium; EFSF extended, Greek debt cut, banks’ capital to rise and governance increased

Topics: Europe, Financial crisis, euro, European Commission, European Council (EC), European Banking Authority

A map of Europe

EU lawmakers agree on Stability and Growth Pact overhaul

Central Banking | 04 Oct 2011

Topics: European Council (EC), European Central Bank, ECB, Jean-Claude Trichet

Draghi's fate in European Council’s hands

Central Banking | 23 Jun 2011

Topics: ECB, European Council (EC), Mario Draghi, Jean-Claude Trichet, Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Barroso confirms European finance ministers agree to EFSF fund rise

Central Banking | 22 Jun 2011

Topics: European Commission, Europe, European Council (EC), Greece, bailout, European Financial Stability Facility

Council of the EU recommends Mario Draghi for ECB presidency

Central Banking | 17 May 2011

Topics: Europe, European Council (EC), Mario Draghi, Jean-Claude Trichet

EU governance reform falls short of quantum leap: Trichet

Central Banking | 06 May 2011

Topics: ECB, European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, European Council (EC), European Commission

ECB paper on EMU governance reforms

Central Banking | 15 Mar 2011

Topics: European Central Bank, Europe, European Council (EC), euro

Libya’s Bengdara pleads for softer sanctions on central bank: report

Central Banking | 10 Mar 2011

Topics: Central Bank of Libya, Libya, Germany, United States, European Council (EC), France, De La Rue, banknotes

ECB calls for return to stricter growth and stability pact

Central Banking | 22 Feb 2011

Topics: ECB, European Central Bank, European Council (EC), Jean-Claude Trichet

Interview: Jacques de Larosière

Central Banking Journal | 01 Nov 2004

Topics: France, European Council (EC)

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