Employment losses have repaired corporate balance sheets, paper argues

Central Banking | 19 Aug 2013 secure

Differences in post-crisis employment among EU members are largely driven by need in many countries to adjust balance sheets, according to IMF working paper

Topics: IMF, Europe, Balance sheet, Unemployment


UK-French paper examines monetary policy implications of wage changes

Central Banking | 16 Aug 2013 secure

Topics: France, Banque de France, Europe

Croatia among EU members whose spreads are most affected by fundamentals

Central Banking | 14 Aug 2013 secure

Topics: Bonds, Spreads, Europe, European Union (EU), Croatia, Croatian National Bank

Bank of Albania governor says banking is country's 'greatest driver of growth'

Central Banking | 29 Jul 2013 secure

Topics: Bank of Albania, Albania, Ardian Fullani, Europe

CEE business cycles still out of sync with eurozone, Polish paper finds

Central Banking | 25 Jul 2013 secure

Topics: National Bank of Poland, Europe, Eurozone

Polish economists call for dismantling of eurozone, and new role for ECB

Central Banking | 22 Jul 2013 secure

Topics: National Bank of Poland, euro, Europe, ECB

Lagarde advocates closer European integration

Central Banking | 16 Jul 2013 secure

Topics: IMF, Christine Lagarde, Europe, Romania

Lithuanian governor lays out economic priorities for Council of EU

Central Banking | 04 Jul 2013 secure

Topics: Lithuania, Bank of Lithuania, Europe

ECB paper considers how to conduct monetary policy without interest rates

Central Banking | 28 Jun 2013 secure

Topics: ECB, Islamic finance, Europe

IMF paper weighs effect of shifting bank funding in eastern Europe

Central Banking | 20 Jun 2013 secure

Topics: Europe, IMF, banks, Risk

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