‘All pieces are in place' for co-ordinated regulation of European ABS, says Mersch

Central Banking | 11 Jun 2014

The various agencies in charge of regulating ABS in the EU should be able to co-ordinate their regulation of the asset class, Yves Mersch says

Topics: Yves Mersch, ECB, ABS, Asset-backed securities


Lithuania cleared to adopt euro in 2015

Central Banking | 04 Jun 2014

Topics: Bank of Lithuania, Lithuania, euro, Eurozone, ECB, European Commission

Opinion: The ECB is in danger of losing its voice

Central Banking | 02 Jun 2014

Topics: ECB, European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, communication, monetary policy, Interest rates, OMT

Post-crisis central bank policies are crowding out ABS, ECB and BoE say

Central Banking | 30 May 2014

Topics: Bank of England, European Central Bank, ECB, ABS, Asset-backed securities, Credit conditions

Bespoke accounting rules a boon for ECB, study finds

Central Banking | 29 May 2014

Topics: ECB, European Central Bank

Greater competition leads to riskier banking, ECB working paper says

Central Banking | 27 May 2014

Topics: ECB, Financial crisis

SSM results could come out early if severe weaknesses are found

Central Banking | 23 May 2014

Topics: Sabine Lautenschläger, ECB, Single supervisory mechanism

QE for infrastructure investment could be ECB's alternative to ‘pushing on a string'

Central Banking | 16 May 2014

Topics: European Central Bank, ECB, quantitative easing, Eurozone

Bowles turns down ECB invite to join Supervisory Board

Central Banking | 15 May 2014

Topics: ECB, Single supervisory mechanism

Finance and the Holy See: creating a central bank

Central Banking Journal | 12 May 2014

Topics: Italy, ECB, Vatican

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