Netherlands Bank flags risk from ECB asset purchases

Central Banking | 08 Oct 2014

Markets are positive about the ECB's efforts to ease monetary policy, but unconventional measures carry the risk of pumping up asset bubbles, Dutch financial stability review warns

Topics: Netherlands Bank, ECB, Asset prices, Asset bubble


National Bank of Denmark narrows range of collateral it accepts

Central Banking | 02 Oct 2014

Topics: Denmark, National Bank of Denmark, collateral, Eurozone, Financial crisis, ECB

ECB releases rotation schedule for voting governors

Central Banking | 18 Sep 2014

Topics: ECB, Luis Linde, Bank of Spain, Eurozone

Mersch: T2S may prompt ‘more global network for mobilisation of collateral assets'

Central Banking | 17 Sep 2014

Topics: Yves Mersch, ECB, Target II, Eurozone, collateral

Liikanen: 'Unanimous' ECB will expand arsenal if necessary

Central Banking | 16 Sep 2014

Topics: Erkki Liikanen, Bank of Finland, ECB

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: A qualified case for Scottish independence

Central Banking | 16 Sep 2014

Topics: Bank of England, IMF, sterling, euro, ECB, Federal reserve

ECB comprehensive assessment could stem ‘secular stagnation' in eurozone, bank staffers argue

Central Banking | 12 Sep 2014

Topics: Eurozone, ECB, Single supervisory mechanism

Counter-cyclical liquidity hoarding could ‘strongly amplify' business cycles, according to ECB paper

Central Banking | 01 Sep 2014

Topics: ECB, European Central Bank, Financial crisis

ECB economists design early-warning guide to trigger macro-prudential intervention

Central Banking | 21 Aug 2014

Topics: ECB, European Central Bank, Macroprudential, Macro-prudential regulation

End of Bretton Woods has helped dollar reserves, says ECB paper

Central Banking | 15 Aug 2014

Topics: ECB, Dollar, Chinese renminbi (RMB), IMF, Barry Eichengreen

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