Central Bank of Kuwait

Lending and investment operations split in Kuwait

Central Banking | 31 May 2011

Kuwait asks investment firms to apply for separate licences for lending and investment operations; mirrors “ring-fencing” in the United Kingdom

Topics: Kuwait, Al-Sabah, Central Bank of Kuwait


Number of central bankers on the rise

Central Banking | 22 Dec 2010

Topics: European Central Bank, Federal reserve, Bank of Greece, National Bank of Hungary, Bank of England, Financial Services Authority, Bank of Canada, Central Bank of Kuwait, South African Reserve Bank

Central Bank of Kuwait – Quarterly Statistics Bulletin (Oct – Dec 2009)

Central Banking | 26 Jul 2010

Topics: Exports, Kuwait, Oil, Central Bank of Kuwait

ECB meet signals Gulf’s common currency intent despite euro woes

Central Banking | 23 Jun 2010

Topics: Qatar Central Bank, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, European Central Bank, Central Bank of Kuwait, Mario Draghi, Jean-Claude Trichet, Al-Sabah, Abdullah Saoud Al-Thani

Kuwait makes surprise 50bp cut

Central Banking | 08 Feb 2010

Topics: Interest rates, Kuwait, Central Bank of Kuwait

Too early for global exit strategy - Saudi chief

Central Banking | 03 Nov 2009

Topics: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Al-Sabah, Central Bank of Kuwait, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

Gulf officials call for UAE, Oman to rejoin monetary union

Central Banking | 19 Oct 2009

Topics: Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar Central Bank, Central Bank of Oman, Central Bank of Kuwait, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Central Bank of Bahrain

Central Bank of Kuwait - Annual Report 2007-08

Central Banking | 13 May 2009

Topics: Kuwait, Central Bank of Kuwait

Norway slashes rates on "major shocks"

Central Banking | 17 Dec 2008

Topics: Norway, Norges Bank, Hong Kong, Czech National Bank, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Kuwait, Central Bank of Kuwait

Kuwait enhances operations to restore liquidity

Central Banking | 19 Nov 2008

Topics: Kuwait, Central Bank of Kuwait, Open-market operations

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