BIS researchers use profit-elasticity method to measure China bank competition

Central Banking | 22 Aug 2013 secure

Working paper finds competition has increased among China's banks; new PE indicator produces result consistent with financial sector reform

Topics: Bank for International Settlements, China, banks


BIS paper weighs up early-warning indicators

Central Banking | 15 Aug 2013 secure

Topics: Bank for International Settlements, Financial crisis, banks

Euro area bank lending restricted by sovereign debt exposure, say DNB researchers

Central Banking | 08 Jul 2013 secure

Topics: Netherlands Bank, Sovereign debt, banks

Fed proposals seek to shine light into money markets

Central Banking | 26 Jun 2013 secure

Topics: Federal Reserve, United States, banks

Bank of Italy paper finds women directors improve bank governance

Central Banking | 25 Jun 2013 secure

Topics: banks, Bank of Italy, Italy, Women

IMF paper weighs effect of shifting bank funding in eastern Europe

Central Banking | 20 Jun 2013 secure

Topics: Europe, IMF, banks, Risk

BoE’s Tucker sketches ‘richer’ capital accord

Central Banking | 14 Jun 2013 secure

Topics: Paul Tucker, banks, Resolution, Contingent capital bonds (CoCos)

FDIC chief economist highlights factors behind community bank failure

Central Banking | 13 Jun 2013 secure

Topics: FDIC, banks, Financial crisis

National Bank of Denmark tells smaller banks to strengthen their positions

Central Banking | 12 Jun 2013 secure

Topics: Denmark, National Bank of Denmark, banks

IMF paper proposes ‘more ambitious’ benchmark design

Central Banking | 31 May 2013 secure

Topics: banks, IMF, Libor

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