Bank of England

UK parliamentary report calls currency union with independent Scotland a ‘dead parrot'

Central Banking | 21 Jul 2014

There will be ‘no currency union of any kind - no ifs, no buts, no fudges, no deals', says chair of Scottish Affairs committee

Topics: United Kingdom, Bank of England

Scotland and UK flags

Opinion: Carney’s dismissal of using monetary policy to resist rising asset prices is 'vacuous'

Central Banking | 21 Jul 2014

Topics: Mark Carney, Bank of England, Bank for International Settlements

Robert Pringle’s Viewpoint: Start policy normalisation now!

Central Banking | 18 Jul 2014

Topics: Interest rates, quantitative easing, Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of England, Central bank mandates, Mark Carney

UAE central bank to put Braille on banknotes

Central Banking | 18 Jul 2014

Topics: Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, banknotes, HKMA, Bank of England, Bank of Canada

BoE’s Cunliffe says leverage ratio is no mere ‘backstop'

Central Banking | 18 Jul 2014

Topics: Bank of England, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Leverage ratios, Shadow banking, Jon Cunliffe, Financial Policy Committee (FPC)

Carney tells parliament BIS report was 'made in a vacuum'; Kohn defends leverage ratio plans

Central Banking | 15 Jul 2014

Topics: Bank of England, Mark Carney, Bank for International Settlements

Financial Policy Committee angles for full powers over UK leverage ratio regime

Central Banking | 11 Jul 2014

Topics: Bank of England, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Financial Policy Committee (FPC) , Mark Carney, Leverage ratios

BoE's Andrew Bailey says Basel III will be more transparent in the future

Central Banking | 10 Jul 2014

Topics: Andrew Bailey, Bank of England, Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), Basel III, Transparency

Incoming BoE deputy Shafik says SSM makes working with ECB more important than ever

Central Banking | 09 Jul 2014

Topics: Bank of England, Single supervisory mechanism, European Central Bank, IMF, Stefan Ingves, Mark Carney

Should central banks review their investment guidelines as monetary policy normalises?

Central Banking | 02 Jul 2014 | screening image

Topics: Bank of England, Federal Reserve, quantitative easing, Interest rates

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